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Our Vacation

I knew there was something wrong in this island since we got here. Although the first day went on without a hitch, and we spend most of the day resting and swimming, the next few days were as weird as they can get. Read more

Morning surprise

“Natalie,what happened, why I’m you?” Michael did not know what had just happened, why he is sitting naked on the couch in heels, and the most important why he is Natalie. Read more

The only thing she asks for

I was getting ready, my cock was hard as i climbed on top of my wife. She was already wet, spreading her legs as an invitation. I put my manhood inside her and started to do my work. Then i felt like something hit me in the head. Everything was blurry and when i regained my vision i was laying on my back. Someone was on top of me. A man. I felt something inside my groin. It felt good as he moved. I looked closely and saw myself staring at me back with a shocked expression. I screamed in a high pitched voice. Read more

Who Gets to be the Man

At first we just wanted to make the sex life exciting again. After we had found the medallion we swapped whenever we felt like it. And it was fun to experience the other side. That was going on some time and we started to forget who was the real man and who the real woman. After some more time we both started preferring to be the husband. It was just too much of a hassle being the wife. Putting on make-up, female hygiene, and not to forget Aunt Flo’s monthly visit. More and more often we would get into fights about swapping. Read more

Wedding night curse

I smiled as i carried my wife to our bed. We just got married and i couldn’t wait for our first time as husband and wife. I put her into bed and sterted to undress her while kissing her neck. When we were both naked and hot i started to thrust into her. Everything was going fine until me head felt dizzy and i found myself laying on my back. I could feel something between my legs but it stopped. I looked up and saw my body, staring at me in horror. Then something sticky shoot inside me. It took us a moment to realize we just swapped bodies. Read more

Weird medalion

“How do i look?” James asked his wife as he took a sexy pose. Sharon laughed. It was strange to see her masculine husband like this. “Sexy” She grinned.
Sharon and James found a strange medalion while they were going home from the grocery store. When they both touched it at the same time their world shifted and James was looking at his body while Sharon at her. They decided it’s a great oportunity to see what it’s like to be eachother and have some fun before they will switch back.
“Your body feels weird” James said squeezing his perky breasts. “It sure feels nice” He said playing with them. “I can say the same” Sharon was already getting an erection, seeing as her husband is touching her body. It really turned her on. Noticing the look on her face James came up to his wife, seductively swaying his hips. He reached his hand down to her pants and gently grabbed his old dick. “How about we use this to have some fun” He wishpered in her ear. “The kids won’t be back for awhile. We have plenty of time” Sharon smiled. They both went to their bedroom to explore their new bodies. After what they had expirienced in bed they decided to keep this swap for longer, maybe even forever.

Electric shock

Tony was mumbling under his breath as he tried to fix the broken tv. Seeing his struggle his wife Heather sighted “You still trying to fix that thing? How many times do i have to tell you, let’s get a new one” She said. “No, it’s not completely broken” Tony was stubborn. “Fine, you can keep trying but tomorrow i’m going to buy a new one, with or without you” she said and went to the kitchen for something to eat. “We don’t need a new tv” Tony said to himself. He always thought there is no need to buy something when you can repair it. Read more

Come on

“Are you ready yet?” Carol knocked on the bathroom door. “I’m not going” Tom whined. “What’s the matter again” Carol sighed opening the door and saw her body all dressed up with her make up done properly. “You look great so why are you still in here? Whe should already get going” Carol said aproaching her husband. “I can’t do it” Tom hid his face. “We already visited my parents before so why are you so afraid” Carol asked. “But not as eachother! I’m sure they will notice something. How am I supposed convince them that i’m their daughter?” Tom was freaking out. “It will be alright” Carol hugged him. “Did anyone in my office noticed our switch?” Carol said softly. “No” Tom looked her in the eyes. “See, you’re doing good in my body. When you were at Susan’s bachelorette party no one was able to say you’re not me. At her wedding you were also pretty convincig” Carol comforted her husband. “You think so?” Tom asked. “Of course. You act like me and you don’t even know it. Now come, your parents are waiting for us.” Carol helped her husband to get up. “I hope this will end soon and we could get back to our original bodies” Tom said leaving the bathroom. “Me too” Carol said but she knew the swap is permament. Read more

Now i know

I never understood why women liked to give a blowjob. Sure i enjoyed recieving one, and the feeling of my wife’s soft lips on my manhood was great but what was so pleasurable in having a cock in your mouth? Well i found out when me and my wife swapped genders. Now i am the one with a cock in my mouth. I can’t describe it but i love it, it makes me so aroused. I’m also pretty good at it and my wife, or should i say my husband just loves when i take care of his equipment with my mouth.

It’s not fun anymore

“Ha ha, that was a good one honey, you’ve got me. Now turn us back” Carl said to his wife. “But i can’t, no matter how many times i try” Hannah replied. “I know honey you enjoy it, don’t get me wrong i love sex in your body, a woman’s orgasm is incredible but it’s really time to swap back” Carl was getting nervous. “I’m not lying to you” Hannah said in a defensive manner. “Let me take a look” Carl took the body swap scroll from his wife. The scroll was a wedding gift from Hannah’s mother. Her family used it for generations to swap bodies between each other and now was their turn.
Carl looked at the words that earlier were written in shiny gold but now they lost the sparkle and were plain black. Carl looked at his wife with a worried expression on his face. He tried to chant the spell but it didn’t work. “Come on!” Carl was getting desperate, he pleaded and yelled but nothing was working. “Damn it!” Carl sat on the bed and He buried his face in his hands. “I think i know what’s wrong” His wife suddenly said, she looked pale and terrified. “Carl stared at her courious what she just rembered. “I think my mom told me something like we should be very carefull during sex, because if you get pregnant the swap becomes permament” She said and looked at Carl. “No! No! No! That’s impossible. I can’t be pregnant we used protection. It must be something else” Carl shook his head, he did not accept this explanation but sooner or later he will have to. Two weeks later Carl started to feel sick in the morning. He already knew what’s going on and later the doctor confirmed his fears, he was going to be a mom.