Not What He Wished For

“What the hell, Genie! This isn’t what I wished for!”

“Why, sure it is, Preston… or should I say… ‘Priscilla’?”

“I made my 3 wishes clear: 1) Eternal youth. 2) For my awesome college days to never end. 3) To have sex whenever I want… All you did was turn me into a girl!”

“Ah, but don’t you see? A girl looking the way you do living forever in a fraternity house will get all the sex she could ever want!”

“But how can a girl even live in a frat house. It’s not allowed! Plus, won’t people get suspicious when I never leave?”

“Oh, but that’s the beauty of your first two wishes! Not only will you no longer age, but also everyone will magically forget about your previous time at the university, so they’ll never get suspicious. Also, the administrative accident that placed you in a fraternity will never be resolved. You get to have sex with every college boy that enters these halls!”

“Mmm… That… That actually sounds kinda hot all of a sudden…”


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