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Temporary to Permanent

It was only meant to be temporary. Just had to be a sister for my own sister for a week. I had to dress up as a girl and act like a girl. The process was so simple , swallow one pill and your manhood is swallowed with it. To be honest I was quite excited when I turned out to be so busty.
It wasn’t easy adjusting. Wearing a dress, walking in heels and keeping my long hair out of my face. I can’t forget about the extra weight I carry on my chest. There is of course sitting to pee which is really something to get used to. My sister helped me with everything which I was hugely grateful for.
To be honest, I was kind of enjoying the experience. I appreciated getting a taste of the other side. I was somewhat disturbed when I began thinking about my desire to stay this way. I didn’t want to go back to flat chests, body hair and external plumbing. I needed my vagina and I loved dresses and make up. I loved the freedom of space downstairs and I revelled in the looks I got walking down the street. The looks no man gets.
I discussed it with my sister. She wants me to remain female too. All I needed to do was swallow a pill to make it permanent. I couldn’t get it down my throat soon enough. It went down as did the chances of my manhood returning. I wasn’t complaining. Being female is better. What was a temporary experience has become my life. A better life.

Fatty revenge

‘Hmm what should I begin with?’, Trevor asked himself as he stood on tiptoes in front of the fridge. Read more

Permanent Vacation (2 1/2)

“Aww, isn’t that sweet, hon? Don’t your nephew and his friend over there remind you of us?” Said Brandy, Donny’s uncle Ray’s curvaceous girlfriend in skimpy clothes. “After all, it’s been almost two years since you let me wear that same necklace and I got all of THIS!” She said cheerfully as she lifted up her shirt to reveal her humongous hooters.
“Yeah, yeah, quiet down will ya! I don’t want people to know that, remember?” Ray replied. Really, he had been trying to forget that his bouncing bimbo girlfriend Brandy had once been his roommate “Brady”. The men of the family had certainly gotten use out of that magic necklace.

the witches reality show pt1

Ricki groaned and rubbed the small of his back, the muscles aching from the strain of carrying around 15 lbs of jiggling, bouncing, fleshy weight for the last six hours with only a skin tight bikini top for support. He cursed, feeling the sting from where the skimpy top was cutting into the soft, feminine flesh of his back and chest. Read more