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Family Photo

Paul and his sons Carl, Terry, and Grady always treated Lucy like trash. She regretted ever marrying someone like Paul. One day, she happened across a strange occult shop that appeared one day while she was out trying to find a gift for Paul’s birthday. After looking around for a while, she found an old camera. She couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to buy such an old piece of junk when they could just take pictures with their phones. The shop owner told her that the camera was extremely unique. The old woman took a picture of herself with it and transformed right before Lucy’s very eyes. Shocked, Lucy immediately purchased the camera. Read more

Doctor HUGE

“Ummm… like, whoa… I totally, like, think something went wrong with the… posi… positronic mecha-thingy, or something, cuz like… I totallly wasn’t supposed to end up with boobies and a missing ding-dong! Plus, I think my TARDI-… my TARTY… my TIT-IS… whatever the time machine thingy’s called, like, sent me to the wrong era! It’s like, totally broken… and I feel too dumb and horny to fix it now! I’m totally stranded! I’m, like, totally… Ooh, who’s THAT guy? He’s, like, SO hot!”

In Your Dreams

Tommy Brooks tossed and turned in his sleep. It was so hot that he had to sleep completely naked and over the covers. However, it wasn’t just the heat. He was having unsettling dreams about a town legend. He dreamed of being chased by a cackling psycho in a purple suit with green zigzag patterns. His skin was a sickening shade of blue like he had been suffocated. Tommy knew all too well who this malevolent spirit was.
It was none other than Johnny Juggs, the serial rapist who was obsessed with big breasted women. He had raped over twenty women in town before meeting his end one night at his favorite strip club. It turns out being smothered by the breasts of Mary Mountains, the bustiest stripper in the whole state, was too much for him to handle.
Ever since then, it had become a local legend that he still haunted the town as a perverted poltergeist. Tommy never believed in that, but he couldn’t help but notice how strange it was that soon after Johnny died, the chest sizes of many o the women and girls in town had skyrocketed. Eventually, after Johnny caught Tommy in his dream he began to slowly transform his body. Tommy felt a disturbing, alien sense of pleasure as his body was reformed into that of a girl. Not just any girl… but an incredibly stacked girl!
As the malevolent molester began to grope and squeeze Tommy’s supple female body, the frightened boy just wanted to wake up. Unfortunately, once “Tammy” finally did wake up, she would find that her new body was more than just a nightmare… it was her new reality.

Zach the Teenage Warlock

“Now Zach, for the hundredth time, I’m sorry I sent your little friend Shelly home. It’s just that I found it strange that the prettiest girl in your school was up here… not studying with you in your room when you’ve told me repeatedly that she was never interested in you. As your father, I just don’t want you using your… gifts selfishly. Now, if I get in bed with you and finish what Shelly started will you change me back in the morning? I can’t go to work like this.”