Not today

Old grandpa Joe was slowly dying from cancer. The 80 years old man however didn’t want to give up so he looked for a cure no matter what. “Not today death” he repeated every day. Soon he found that a group of scientists developed a crazy technology of nanobots that could be used to cure defective ceels. The technology was still in tests but Joe had nothing to lose. He signed up for the project and soon he was injected with the nanobots.

Nobody expected the effect it had on his body. The nanobots reprogrammed his DNA and from the old dying man Joe turned into a young healthly girl. The whole family was shocked and had it hard to accept it. They wanted to sue the scientists but Joe forbade them. He loved how flexible his body was now. “I haven’t felt this great in years” Joe, who now went by the name Josie exclaimed, admiring his adorable teenage body. She stood in the bathroom, dressed in the clothes she borrowed form her granddaughter and took a few pictures.
“Josie! Come out already. I know you like this but can you please stop occupying the bathroom” Jake, Joe’s son moaned. “Sorry, it’s just i never could do this in my old body so i want to have some fun” Josie smiled and took another selfie


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