Brandon 8

As soon as my mouth wrapped around that cock I had flashbacks to last night, the last time I did this. Only then it wasn’t my mother inhabiting the body of my father, but my sister. Last night my sister and I had a certain understanding, that if we didn’t fuck our mother was going to be pissed. But now that it was my mother with the dick she was making me suck, the training wheels were off. For example, as soon as the head of her dick entered my mouth, she put her hand on the back of my head and pushed my head down, forcing her cock into my throat and making me gag. For a while I gave my mom head, her enjoying every moment of it. I hated it, but I had to do it.

“Kiss my dick and tell me you love thick cock in your mouth.” Mom demanded. I slowly pulled the cock out of my mouth and, panting, kissed the tip gently.
“I love your thick cock.” I said timidly.
“Look at me in the eyes and say it like you mean it.” She said. I looked up into her eyes, my fathers eyes, who looked down at me on my knees with a wicked joy.
“I love your thick cock in my mouth honey.” I said trying to sound lustful. Of course this was humiliating and awful, but I could feel my vagina getting wet.
“Do you want me to make a woman out of you?” She asked. I knew what that meant and I wanted to tell her ‘no’ but I was trapped.
“I… yes.” I said, her dick still inches from my face.

My mom got to her feet and pulled me up. My breasts jiggled as I stood up and my mom locked her lips on mine and started fondling my tongue with hers. She pulled my pants down so that I was completely naked and he started groping my big ass. She led me to her… OUR bedroom and threw me down on the bed on my stomach. I let out a feminine gasp in surprise as she thrust her rod into my… pussy. My body automatically started to gasp and pant as she thrust in and out like a piston. I could feel her girth rub against the inside of me and I could feel my big ass and hips heave back and forth. I felt totally victimized and violated, but my mom knew exactly how to please her body so that my mind was useless against the bodily pleasure she was giving me.

I lost track of time but probably a half an hour later, i was still moaning and my mother was grunting when she pulled her cock out of me and I felt warm cum shoot all over my back. I laid on the bed trying to catch my breath, my pussy still spasming, wanting to cum. My mother stood up and wiped her dick off with the towel.
“Um, honey?” I said between breathy pants looking back at my mother, “Could you… help me finish?”
“Sorry babe, I’ve got a busy day. Maybe tonight.” She said smiling, before spanking my ass so hard that I could still feel it an hour later. I let out a painful scream and my mother left me naked on the bed, cum dripping down my back. My head fell back on the bed as I recovered from the fucking I’d just endured.

I wondered if I’d ever get my body back, if I’d have to deal with this my entire life. I really had no idea, but I’m not getting anywhere trying to fight it.


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