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Becoming myself

So I woke up this morning looking like this. It’s really strange considering that just yesterday I was a guy. Now I had two real breasts, my body was much slimmer and the penis that kept me company for 25 years was gone. I wasn’t scared nor I didn’t panic. To be honest I was hoping this would happen. I may have been a guy for 25 years but inside I always felt like a woman. Read more

How I changed

My friend Tom tricked me into putting a necklace on. He said it was a gift for his sister, and he just wanted to see how it looks. “But I am a guy” I said. “I know, I just want to see how it looks” he insisted. “Fine” I said and put it on. “Ok, you’ve seen it, now I am taking it off” I said, “You will do no such thing. Leave it on” he said. I really wanted to take it off, but somehow I couldn’t. Read more

Shower of 6

I can’t believe I was against it. I was taking a shower, when five women broke into my hotel room, and joined me in the shower. “I am a married man” I told them. But they were already naked,they started massaging my body. “Please… stop” I said, but it just felt so good. I felt so turned on, but somehow I didn’t feel a hard on. I tried to make sense of it all, but I felt very sensitive when one of them touched my chest. Read more


Martin was really mad that he gave into temptation of using magic. He was mad that he ended up in this place full of sinners but mostly he was mad at himself that he is really starting to enjoy it. Not so long ago Martin was a very religious person. He was going to chruch every day, praising the lord and his will. Martin was on a good way to become a priest in the future but that changed with the cursed book he found in the library. Martin knew that everything involving magic is a sin but he took the book to study it closer. While reading it he stumbled upon a gender changing spell. Martin still doesn’t know what got into him but he read the spell outloud. A gust of wind ran through his room and suddenly Martin turned into a woman. Read more

The imp

“Is someone there?” I asked with a scared voice. “I swear I heard footsteps” I whispered. I walked towards the fireplace. A shadow caught my eye, it looked like some kind of small winged creature. But as soon as I fixed my eyes on him, the thing disappeared again. I was scared, I mean who wouldn’t be. I turned around, with the fireplace on my back. And saw the little imp flying infront of me, “I have a gift for you” it said with a double voice. That was the last thing I remember. Read more

Where she now is

I didn’t understand. After all, All I wanted was to find out where my highschool sweetheart was. “Why am I looking at this naked guy” I asked myself. Me and Audrey had broken up right after we finish highschool. We kept in touch for acouple of months. But eventually we lost contact. Read more

Missing brother

It was about 10 years ago when my younger brother Andrew went missing. We were at the beach, having a family vacation, when he jus vanished. We looked everywhere, and he was nowhere to be found. During our search, and at our hotel room, I met Audrey, a nice girl, about my brother’s age that helped us look for him. But still we had no luck. My parents didn’t lose hope. And apart from one letter from Andrew that said he was ok, and to not worry from him, we didn’t find anything elseabout his disappearance. Read more

It was destiny

Me and Damian were best friends since kindergarten. We were inseparable, helping eachother out like true brothers. Back then i really didn’t expect that our friendship will grow into something more, considering that I was a boy the idea sounded pretty crazy back then. Read more