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Need to Get Dressed

Sure Ned was shocked when he woke up at the lab in Rebecca’s busty body. He stared in the mirror, reached below to find his new equipment, then zipped up his tight black pants, and touched a feel of his new ample breasts. She had often said women didn’t move up well at the Research Royal Company, so perhaps she had used their experimental body swap machine to switch their bodies? That had to be it, but now in Rebecca’s body, he had no clearance to get even close to it, let along find Rebecca in his body, and then swap back. Perhaps he should have protected the machine better, but had fallen asleep in the lab with the door open. Read more

Becoming Jess (@jc123)

Upon leaving the building Joe immidiately begin to regret taking part of this experiment. He thought it could be interesting and fun to try out being a woman for some time but it turned out to be the exact opposite. The breasts that constantly jiggled on his chest wans’t pleasant. Not to mention the empty feeling between his legs was very disturbing. The familiar feeling of his manhood was gone and it bothered him all the way home. Read more

Stacy’s secret

Alan smiled feeling like the luckiest guy in the world when he saw his beautiful girlfriend waiting for him. He wasn’t very popular at school but somehow he managed to get the prettiest and most popular girl at school, Stacy West. Since his father dissapeared three years ago Alan barely talked to anyone and spend most of the time alone. He didn’t knew why his dad left without saying anything and he grew up to hate him. If only Alan knew that his father is closer than he could imagine. Read more

Test Subjects Wanted

Walking through a industrial warehouse area after my minimum wage job staking sacks on cargo pallets, I saw a note on a door: “Test subjects wanted, $100 each” I was curious so I knocked on the door and asked about the sign.
“We have created a cure for all aging and disease” The grey haired man in a lab coat said.
“Really how does it work, and how come you still have grey hair” I said.
“It is a new kind of plastic that reflects and amplifies spiritual energy, simply put on the suit and you will be cocooned in your own psychic energy so your body will be transformed to reflect your inner soul. You will be the first human to try it!”
“Why haven’t you tried it already?” I asked
“Well obviously as a scientist I have to observe, don’t worry it worked on all the animals.”
“And all the animals are fine?”
“Well some of them suffocated when we shrink wrapped them but that is fixed now, our new suit has a head hole and everything.”
I thought he seemed crazy but I was still curious, so I walked in.
“That is the suit over there” another grey haired man said, pointing at a rack of plastic overalls. I lifted up a baggy sleeve it just looked like ordinary plastic to me.
“So all I have to do is put this on and you give me $100?”
“Yes, just strip off first so we can take some before photos”
These were obviously crazy quacks but as $100 would not hurt, so I agreed.
“Ah yes, a bald spot and some scars, those are all treatable.” They said as they took the photos of me. I put on the plastic overall and black rubber “insulation boots & gloves” as instructed, they zipped up the back of the overall, and as I expected nothing happened.
“Now sit on the the waiting chair for 10 minutes.” I was told
But while walking to the chair I suddenly slipped and landed on my chest painfully winding me. Just as I was about to push myself up I saw the gloves and sleeves on my arms seemed to be getting tighter and tighter, so tight it looked like my arms were getting smaller. My bruised rib cage then got some relief as pair of small pillows seemed to be expending underneath them which I suddenly realized seemed to be part of me. I looked across to a mirror and watched my brown hair grow long and blond my face get all small and pretty. My butt and hips swelled while my feet and shins shrunk. “The boots are rather plain I thought.” and the boots suddenly morphed into a pair of platform heels. I imagined my hair being braided and it suddenly twisted itself into a braid. I wondered what my new face would look like with make up and it sullenly seeped out of my skin. I lifted my feet to get a better angle in the mirror and they came right over and landed next to my head. “WOW I am flexible!” I shouted with my new little high pitched voice. I could feel the plastic suit pressing against my new flat crotch making it wet. “Fascinating” said a scientist, it was only now my attention was drawn to the two scientists who had been recording me with cameras the whole time.
“Tell me have you ever fantasized about being a woman” he asked.
“I.. errr.”
“I will take your blushing as a yes”
I said nothing to contradict him. Read more

A Deal

I had two options. Go to prison, or sign up for an “experiment.” Of course I chose option #2 as I wasn’t gonna be in prison for 10 years. I wasn’t told what I’d be doing. All they told me was that I was going to go to sleep for a few weeks and wake up feeling a little different. A little different was quite the understatement. See that girl in the picture? That was me for 1 year. Basically, in order to keep the prisoners calm, I was used as a “toy” for them. I stripped, sucked, and bent over for those prisoners. Sounds bad right? Well not quite. See the body I was given was one of a very slutty girl. The more I look back on it, the more I laugh as to how obsessed I was with sex. My God I couldn’t stop thinking about it. This made my job a lot easier. Ultimately I think I made the right choice. The only downside is that while I am no longer “playful” as you could say, I still am carrying around this body. But in reality, I kinda miss being that way. Heck, I wouldn’t mind going back for 9 more years if they were spent as Daisy instead of Matt.

Cuddle the cat

When I look back, the fact that my experiment failed is not such a bad thing.
Of course, it blew up half of my house, but my cat Cuddle and I survived. We were both altered by the experience but at least we were alive!
Sure, I wasn’t happy about becoming a woman, but I became younger in the process, which was a quite good thing I would say.
And, at first, I thought that the fact that my cat had become a woman just like me would be an issue, but now I realise that it has some advantages…

Not today

Old grandpa Joe was slowly dying from cancer. The 80 years old man however didn’t want to give up so he looked for a cure no matter what. “Not today death” he repeated every day. Soon he found that a group of scientists developed a crazy technology of nanobots that could be used to cure defective ceels. The technology was still in tests but Joe had nothing to lose. He signed up for the project and soon he was injected with the nanobots. Read more

This is your son

Henry was a good scientist but in order to keep up his project he had to take a big loan from his coworker, Mark. Time passed and Henry couldn’t pay back the money he borrowed. Mark offered a compromise. Henry will not have to pay him money but instead he would let him run a few experiments on his son. Henry didn’t even consider it. There was no way he will let someone experiment on his only son. Kevin, his son however insited on his father to let him. If this can free his father from debt he is willing to become a test subject. Reluctantly Henry agreed. Read more

A experience of a lifetime

When my girlfriend told me we should experiment, I didn’t know what she was talking about. She waved her hand at me, and in no time I transformed into a petite woman. She kissed me passionately, and we walked straight to the nearest bed or couch we could find. We got undressed, and started making out. The whole feeling was intense, I felt so different so hot. Read more

Please confirm your name

“Is it over already” I asked hardly breathing. “Please confirm your male name” said the robot. “It is Rob” I answered as I calmed my breathing.
“Please confirm your female name” the robot said. “I am not a female” I said. “wrong answer” said the robot. Then I felt huge pain as the bed electrefied me. “You are a female now. Please state your new name” the robot said. “How did you do that to me?” I asked. “There is no need for you to know this information right now” the robot said.
Then a mirror was lifted right in front of me. “Do you like you new self” the robot asked. I looked at myself for the first time. I was looking amazing. I had pair of perfect boobs, curly and blonde hair and such a sexy figure.
“I do look good” I said with a smile. “Are you happy about your new self?” The robot said. “I do” I said finally accepting the change. “Would you like to make other men join you?” the robot asked. “I do, every man should feel as good as I feel right now” I said.
“Please confirm your female name” the robot asked. “It is Riley” I chose my new name. The robot untied me from the bed. “come with me Riley we got a lot of work to do” he said as I followed it.