Stay away from the attic

Since i was a kid my mother alway told me not to go to the attic in our house. I thought it’s because there were monsters or ghosts but as a grew up and became a teenager i stopped to belive in this. My curiousity was rising so one day i was able to steal the key. When my parents were at work i decided to check what’s hidding in there.

What a disappointment it was when i found out the attic was empty. Only dirt and an old mirror. I came closer to it. The mirror was cracked and something was very odd. It felt like the surface is vibrating. I touched it and cut my finger “Damn it!” I shouted and put the finger in my mouth. A few droplets of my blood were running down the surface. The vibrations became more intense like the whole attic was shaking. Then BAM! My head felt like it exploded and i found myself in a completely diffirent place. I was in a living room, sitting on the floor. I was dressed in some kind of… dress? I looked down at my body, i wasn’t myself anymore, i was a woman. Then a man came into the room “What happened Linda? Are you ok?” He came closer and took me by hand. I wanted to run but when i felt his warm hand i immidiately calmed myself. “It’s nothing” I smiled and stood up. I slipped on my high heels and we went to the cab, awaiting us next to our house. He opened the door for me which made me feel like a real lady. He took me on a dinner and in the middle he asked me to marry him. Of course i said yes, i was so happy. I don’t know how the mirror did it but i’m glad i went to the attic despite my mother’s warnings. After all my old life was nothing compared to the one that awaits me.


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