Change his grades

“I need your help” my best friend told me. “Sure” I said. I knew Tom wasn’t the smartest guy in school, and he was failing math. So I assumed he wanted me to help him study. “Great” he said as he handed me some kind of drink. “No need to pay me for my services with fancy drinks, I will help you. Cheers!” I jokingly said. My vision got blurred.

I blinked twice. I was looking at a different place. I could see a bunch of 16 year old sitting down on their desks. I looked at them, and felt a little overwhelmed. I took a step back, and for the first time I felt my breasts bounce a litte. I looked down, and saw my clothes. “Purple sweater, long skirt. I am Mrs. Allen” I thought. “I’ll be right back” I said, and walked out of the classroom.

After closing the door, I felt my eyes get teary. “Damn it Tom. This is not our deal” I thought. “Are you ok?” I heard a familiar voice, it was Tom. “You must be wondering why are you Mrs. Allen. Well, I need you to change my grades” he said. I looked at him, I was quite upset. So I decided to pretend I didn’t know what he was talking about. “Mr. Simmons, what are you doing in the hallway?” I asked him with a firm voice, “Are you really asking me to change your grades? I think someone is about to earn a week on detention”. I took him to the principal’s office and left him there.

I laughed all the way back to the classroom. “I’ll change Tom’s grades later today, but wait until tomorrow to tell him the truth” I told myself. Thank god the school day was almost over, because I don’t know what I would’ve done with a class of twenty students.

Later that day, after changing Tom’s grades, I looked at Mrs. Allen cellphone. “Her address must be somewhere in here” I whispered. “Success” I said outloud when I found it. I drove to her place, feeling so great about being an adult. It took me sometime to unlock her front door, I didn’t know which key openned it. When I entered her place, I was greeted by Mrs. Allen husband. “How was your day honey?” he asked me and gave me a kiss. It was awkward as hell. “Yuck” I thought. “The usual, kids being kids” I said, “Oh, and some kid asked me to change his grades… the nerve with that guy” I said.

During dinner we didn’t talk much. I realized I didn’t know about him. “I am just so tired” I said, and walked upstairs. I threw those damn heels away, and sat on the bed. “I didn’t think this through. First thing tomorrow I’ll ask Tom to change me back” I whispered. I walked to her dresser, and looked for some pjs. A few minutes later, Mrs. Allen husband entered the room. “Are you ok honey?” he asked. “Yes… yes… I am tired… that’s all. You don’t mind if I just fall asleep?” I asked. “Not at all” he said and gave me a kiss. This time it didn’t feel as awkward, but when I felt his tongue enter my mouth I pulled back. “Love you” I said, and pretended to fall asleep.

I couldn’t sleep, I kept thinking about that kiss. It was scary, but it did feel good. I don’t know what came into me. But I kissed Mrs. Allen husband back. I couldn’t stop, I kept kissing him. He turned around, and took my blouse off. If I was having second thoughts, the moment he kissed my breasts, I realized I had to go through with it. He ran his fingers over my pussy. I felt so aroussed, that I took my panties off, and ripped his boxers off. No need to say we had sex. And I enjoyed the hell out of it.

The next morning, my alarm clock rang. I got up, and as I walked to the bathroom, I tripped. “Shit” I yelled. I had forgotten all about it, I was in Mrs. Allen’s body. I took a shower, and got dressed. But that’s when I remembered, “It’s saturday. I’ll have to wait until monday to talk to Tom”. I changed my clothes into something more comfortable. “Honey, I am going for a quick walk” I told Mrs. Allen husband.

I needed to get my thoughts straight, so some exercise sounded like a great idea. While I was jugging, I kept talking to myself “I want to go back… but I sure enjoyed last night… But what about me? what happened to my 16 year old self?… who cares? I like being Mrs. Allen… But teaching a full class of students is scary… Plus I don’t know anything about her. Not even her husband’s name…”. I was trying to convince myself to go back, but in reality I had made up my mind, I didn’t want to. “Jeremy!” I said outloud. “I know his name” I said when I realized I did know my husband’s name. “We got married 4 years ago” I smiled as I remembered more. The rest of the day I kept remembering Mrs. Allen… MY life. And sunday was no different.

We had dinner with Jeremy’s parents, and it was a blast, I felt so comfortable. On monday I knew what I had to do. Before class, I changed Tom’s grades back. “He needs to study, and that won’t help him much” I said. I walked into my classroom, I took a deep breath, and started my class. It was like I had always been Mrs. Allen. The day went by so fast. That night I had sex with my husband again.

Tom never learned the truth. My former self acted like if nothing ever happened. Eventually I quit teaching, which made things easier since I found out I was pregnant. I lived the rest of my life as Audrey Allen.


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