Make some easy cash

So my wife was pist at me because the way i was always checking out girls. she said it time i learn ow it felt to be a object of attention. Next thing i know she turned me into theis really cute girl and as she walk out she told me i will stay like this until i learn respect. So as i sat here i figured may as well sure the net. Then I came up with this great idea. i have this great looking body i may as well put it to good use and show it off and make cash at the same time, at least until she cools down. I was rolling in cash for about 2 weeks, this was a winner. Little did i know that my girlfriend seen me on the web site and flashed me a message. BEING YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR YOUR BODY AND WOMEN THEN YOU WILL REMIND ONE, ENJOY YOUR NEW LIVE FOR A SLUT IS ALL YOU WILL BE. ……… Oh well, guess its not to bad i im making a living…lol


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