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Hair dye

So here i am a 55 year old man with grey hair. I decided to dye my hair and surprise my girlfriend being she was 20 years younger then me I wanted to look younger for her. People say it make you look 10 year younger. I go to the store and was looking for Just For Men hair dye when i came across a coupon for a new dye that women use. It was 5 dollars off, figuring it all the same stuff I found my color and bought it. I got home and mixed the stuff together and started to apply it to my hair. The smell was awesome and tingling was a little strange. I ve done this before and never felt this good. So 30 min later i started to wash it out and noticing as i was washing it out the Tingling was now going though my whole body and my hair seem real thick. After drying my hair i seen that it was now long and I seem to have boobs. Looking in the mirror I was shocked that I was now a Girl. I had to get back to the store so i went into my girlfriends draw and for some reason I actually put on one of her bikinis. Playing with my hair and posing i just could not help myself and started taking selfies. I looked really awesome and felt so young.
I hope my girlfriend doesn’t get pis at me, not just because i fill out this bikini better then she did, but i think im going to like this. Seem like my mind has changed as well. Maybe a trip to the Mall and some shopping we can hit a club tonight. that should work…..

Little Experiment gone wrong for the girlfriend

So my girlfriend has this weird idea to turn me into a Latina girl like her and share what it feels like and she always wanted to do it with a women as well. Not knowing she invited her friend from work. As she was sucking my tits she tolded me to mounted her friend, i wasnt sure being an all male guy but i did it and OMG the dick in my pussy was like in heaven I was thing like a horny women in heat. I had 3 orgasms and still going. I think she is going to have problem because as of now i am not into her or any women. All i want now is more dick in my pussy.

Make some easy cash

So my wife was pist at me because the way i was always checking out girls. she said it time i learn ow it felt to be a object of attention. Next thing i know she turned me into theis really cute girl and as she walk out she told me i will stay like this until i learn respect. So as i sat here i figured may as well sure the net. Then I came up with this great idea. i have this great looking body i may as well put it to good use and show it off and make cash at the same time, at least until she cools down. I was rolling in cash for about 2 weeks, this was a winner. Little did i know that my girlfriend seen me on the web site and flashed me a message. BEING YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR YOUR BODY AND WOMEN THEN YOU WILL REMIND ONE, ENJOY YOUR NEW LIVE FOR A SLUT IS ALL YOU WILL BE. ……… Oh well, guess its not to bad i im making a living…lol

Helping Family

So my wife was upset because her brother needed a date to take to a conference. She said the girl who was supposed to go had an emergency. She said she wish she could go with him but that would be really weird. I agreed and said i wish i could help out. She then said do i really mean that, I sure i do, its family you know. She said great you can just close your eyes. I laughed and said ok. Then she said some stranges words and i kinda felt really different. Open my eyes and yes I was right, not only did I change but try I was now a women. At first I wasn’t to happy of the Idea be his date, but i did say i would help. She said don’t worry my pretty head about it that she can change me back tomorrow. I said Ok fine, but the strange thing about this i felt like I have always been like this, she said she wanted me to be comfortable and she added that to the spell. So off i want with her brother and i have to admit i was having a great time. This body got drunk so easy and i was feeling no pain and being just a girl. So when it was over i went back to his house so not to wake up my wife at 2 am. Then it just happened…. We started kissing and my pussy was so wet and horny that i mounted him and rode all night long. I just wanted it deeper and deeper in me and OMG…….. The next day we realized What we had done, not that i didn’t love it, i mean i was a girl with needs. Now How do we explain this to my wife……

Always has to be the womens way or nothing

So I can home and told my Girfriend who is always open minded, that we should do a threesome. She said She would have to think about it. The next day I came home early and I seen Brad at the house, I was talking to him and ask what brings him here and he said my Girlfriend ask him to come that we need his help. As she walked in to the living room she handed me a drink and said Brad is here to help us. I said in what way as I was drinking the shake she gave me. She said were going to do a threesome like i wanted to do. I told her not with Brad and me, I wanted two girls and as i said that i felt dizzy. All I heard her say is yes two girls and Brad. As I felt my body change and I was now on all 4’s and Brad was doggie styling me with my new pussy. I just couldn’t get enough of him into me and my Girlfriend was getting her pussy eatting out and saying that my idea of a threesome was an excellent idea.

New experience on the other side

So i was tell my Girlfriend how i wish i would understand her better to give her what she wants. So she said she was happy to hear my concern and offer to help me out. Next thing i knew I looked like this. I was surprised and now found out she was a witch. she told me i’ll be like this for the weekend and it will be fun. I figured why not, but i did tell her i wish I was more comforable in this body. So she fixed that as well. Now all I can think about is doing my nails. fixing my makeup and hopeing to get laid by that cute guy down the hall. Hope she doesn’t mine that……

Helping out your Best Friend or Not

So my friend Cathy needed a big favor. She needed a date for her boss son so she can get in good with him. I said i wish I could really help her out. She said great, next thing i knew i was changed into this really cute looking 17 year old girl. And not just cute but real girly and stuff. So i did the dinner thing with them, and she and the boss left. His son drove me home and before we knew it i just couldn’t get enough of him screwing my brains. My friend Cathy walked in on us and he ran out. All i could do is put my hands on my hips and roll my eyes at her and say, ” Like you said to show him a good time and well this was like an awesome experience and would love to help you out anytime” she said fine tomorrow night we have another date. I was like in heaven !!!!

More Then Fun

So my Girlfriend come home and said she needed to do a girls night tonight. I was not happy but it was only right to have her time. She went and got dressed and said to me lets go, to that i said i thought it was girls night, she said oh yea your right and she waved her hand and i was now this sexy looking girl. Not only was i shocked as i put my hands on my hips, i said how?
She said she has powers and she always wanted to go out with me just this time as girlfriends.
So we went out for dinner, and all i knew i acted like any other women, so natural. When we got home she said ok get undressed and now comes the real fun. not understanding, i did what she said. Next thing i knew we were doing each other with a double side dido. We just kept on screwing all night and orgasm after orgasm. I think i’m going to love this relationship i told her, just keep pumping …..

Accident can be a reward

So you use the Remote by accident to change me your best friend into this sexy girl, which i was not happy about at first. But these hormones are like so strong that i really don’t care. all i want is you right now. so are you going to just stand there and look at me or can you pull that dick of your out and bang this Hot Chick before you? come and get it honey shop is now open!!

Understanding a selfie

I was picking on my girlfriend because all she keeps on doing is taking selflie. She said maybe if i was a girl i would understand. Being she turned me into one , i just cant stop taking my picture. especially with this great butt…