Medallion of Zulo – Pregnant

Henry had invited Eric to his apartment for their usual bachelor night, playing video games, watching TV and drinking beer. Both of them were single and the company felt nice.

“I´ve got something special to show you”, Henry confided with Eric.
“It´s a medallion that when touched to a piece of clothing will transform you into into the person wearing the clothes last”.

Eric gave Henry a look that indicated that he thought Henry had completely lost it.
“Is that so?”, he mocked.
“It is”, Henry confirmed. “And I want you to try it”.

He placed the medallion and a piece of shiny satin garment on the table in front of them.
“That fabric looks awfully female, y´know”
“That´s because its a nightgown”, Henry stated matter of factly.
“So if I touch the fabric with that medallion I will turn into a woman?”, Eric sounded doubtful.
“Not any woman. The woman wearing it the last time. She´s a beauty”

Eric was a curious man. What would it be like looking like a woman? The thought hadn´t really come to him earlier, but now, if Henry didn´t pull his leg, he had a chance to find how it felt like.
“So I only need to touch the medallion?”

He tapped the medallion quite fast with his fingers, and felt a electric tingling move all over his body.
“I felt a tingle”
“Then it is working”, a pleased Henry responded.

It took a little less than thirty minutes to change from his slighly bulky male body into a female slender frame. All of his clothes felt loose on his body except for for the pants and his butt, they felt even tighter than before.
“Wide load”, he thought and snickered.
Henry stared at woman in front of him. She was an excat duplicate of the one he had seen trying out clothes in the store.
“How do you feel?”

“So far it have been awesome. Having a womans bod feels so different, yet the same. It´s the nuances y´know. Except for the boobs though, they are completely new”.
“Great! I`m glad you like it. Sit still for a minute. I want to put a necklace around your neck”.
“Sure. Go ahead”, Eric said and pushed away the hair in his neck for easier access.

Eric heard the clasp click.
He became woozy.
“It´s called the Medallion of Fertility”, Henry explained.
“Wha-?”, a confused and woozy Eric said.
“It makes your body incredible fertile, like all the time, and your highest wish is to become pregnant”.
“That would be nice”, Eric slurred. “I like babies”
The medallion didn´t change his personality except for making him want to reproduce extremely much and doing virtually anything to carry a child.
“I want a baby too. So what do you say? Should we get to it?”, Henry grinned.

The bed creaked rhytmically under the love making session the pair had. Henry´s erect dick moved in and out of Eric´s pussy. It felt wonderful to have a dick inside of him but the thing that made him the most excited was when Henry would shoot his load inside of him and make him pregnant.

Henry tensed up. He was close now and Eric felt it.
Eric clenched her legs around Henry and pressed him into her as much as she could, screaming “Fill me with you seed! Give me your babies”, like a woman possessed.
His cock twitched and Eric felt jets of cum enter her tummy. Her own orgasm was triggered and she moaned in ecstasy.

Seven months later.
Erica´s stomach was big. She loved being an expectant mother, to have a life growing inside of her.
She had adopted a female personality to make herself and her child fit in more with society.
Henry sat down behind her and rubbed her belly and their child inside. He gave her a tender kiss on the cheek, saying: “I love you both”.

Erica relished in the feeling of being taken care of by the father to her child. She felt so secure and safe.
She gave him a warm smile. “When the baby is born I want another one. I love feeling and seeing my belly grow.”

A sudden realisation hit Henry. He had only planned having one child. He didn´t factor in the possibility that Erica would want to become pregnant again.
And removing the fertility necklace was out of the equation.

“uh oh”


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