Trying It Out

Believe us. We never thought we’d be here. At no stage did we think it would be like this. We were both just ordinary teenage boys who did ordinary teenage boy things. We were nothing special, just normal boys living normal lives.

Then it happened. My long life friend Gavin came to me with proposition. A new technology firm had developed a device. It could alter reality. They would pay two young men if they used it to alter reality and become girls. Gavin was sold due to the incredible amount of money. I wasn’t sold however.

I was a guy. Like all males I had a connection to my dick and appearance, i wasnt willing to lose it. I didn’t want to be humiliated by wearing skirts, bras and panties. But Gavin persisted, constantly waving the tempting financial benefits beneath my nose. Plus, as Gavin said, wouldn’t it be great to know half lived. The thought of loving it and wanting to stay occurred however I knew I could never love being a girl.

So we went right for it. Gavin become Georgia (left) and I became Alana (right). The device altered everything. Our identities, house and wardrobes were all different. My closet was filled with a rich abundance of skirts and dresses. I knew despite the fact it was not to my liking any girl on the planet would be supremely envious.

I won’t lie. It’s best to be honest, I cried and cried endlessly. I hated it. Everything felt so wrong. No dick and mounds of flesh on my chest. It was all so wrong. All of a sudden hair coated my vision and I sat to pee. Believe me sitting to urinate and breaking that life long habit was an incredible challenge.

Georgia however was loving it. She saw it as an oppurtunity to embark on an adventure unlike any other. Eventually she convinced me to give in to the way of feminity.

Together we learnt make up and how to walk in heels. It gave me satisfaction, I had learnt a new skill that few men know. The technology firm offered classes in acting feminine and lady-like we took them. Before long we were smiling gracefully, crossing our legs and making constant chit chat. I really liked it to be honest, I felt peaceful. And I couldn’t help but notice how comfortable it was with nothing between our legs.

Georgia and I had learnt so much but our time had come to an end. We had to fill out a survey about the device and our experiences as women. I couldn’t help but realise as I sat there in my denim shorts and sandals with my smoothly shaven legs crossed as I wrote with my finely manicured hand that I liked being female. I never expected it but it was great. The questions drove the startling conclusion out of me. I could never go back to having a dick, body hair and not wearing those beautiful clothes. I’m staying and after consulting with Georgia she is too.


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