Seat Down

I would never learn. I, like many men would never ever put the toilet seat down. It drove my female roommate mad. Technology is a funny thing that is growing rapidly in an exponential fashion. A small device has been designed which could alter reality. My roommate had one. She felt it quite fitting I became a woman for a month so I could finally leave the seat down.

I felt it was a pretty extreme solution but I was told that any argument and it’d be two months. I wasn’t keen on that.

I persisted and tried to adjust to being female. There were pros and cons of course. I initially loved the sensation of seeing breasts whenever I pleased. Luckily I had my roommate who helped me profusely with adjusting to being a girl. She taught me hair, make up, etiquette and all the rest. Sitting to pee was annoying and I could definitely appreciate the frustration when I left the toilet seat up. I’ve learnt that being female is better. I don’t know why, I can’t put my finger on it but I’m happier. I’ve never felt so good. My roommate is glad I feel this way because it made breaking the news that she had accidentally made it permanent a little easier. But most of all, I’ve learnt to put the seat down.


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