Looking for an apartment

I needed a new apartment pretty badly. A friend told me about one so I headed over to see the manager.

He was pretty candid. He said with everyone in the building being under 40, he was looking for more women to get a better male/female mix. When I was talking to him some big tall guy walked by. The supervisor introduced me to him as Big Dan. Surprisingly he was a scientist. The supervisor laughingly told him my story, saying too bad Andy wasn’t Andrea because he sure does need an apartment.

Big Dan got a thoughtful look on his face, like he was trying to sort out what to do. “Hold the room” he said. ” I think I can help Andy.”

So I went into his apartment and he helped get me a drink that he said had all sorts of nutrients in it. He helped hold me up as in a minutes time his “nutrients” transformed me into a big titted long hair brunette. He helped me down on the floor so that he could “qualify” me as a woman and make his concoction long lasting. He helped me adjust to his huge cock by putting it inside me one wonderful inch a time. He helped boost my confidence by saying “Andrea, I love fucking you. He helped me have a crashing orgasm by rubbing across my pleasure center.

When he was all done later in the evening, he said that as I moved into the apartment door, he would help celebrate my arrival, and that he thought some of his friends would want to be helpful too.

What a great apartment building.


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