Looking for the perfect lover

Apart from my roommate James, no one knew, but 2 years ago I was a man named John. I used all my savings to buy a potion that would turn me into a really hot brunette girl. The instructions were simple, drink half, for body transformation, drink full bottle for mind alteration.

I drank the potion in a matter of minutes I was transformed. First I slept with him. It was ok, I guess the fact he knew who I used to be didn’t help. Afterwards, I slept with a few random guys. But even though sex was great, I expected sex as a woman to feel even better. I was bummed down. I kept thinking how this was a mistake, and there was no potion to turn me back.

I was at my bathroom, looking at my half naked body, thinking how I wanted to have sex with women again. “I guess I would have to become a lesbian”. I saw the bottle, half empty inside my medicine cabinet, next to some pain medication, the pill, and some tampons I have had to use since I became a woman. “Maybe I should just drink it… It would at least make me accept who I am.” I then saw my roommate. “James? Are you peaking? You want some of these?” I said while pointing at my breasts. That’s when it hit me. What better way to have a lesbian lover, than to turn my friend into one.

I grabbed him by the arm and pulled him in. I grabbed his thing. I knew he thought I was going to give him a blowjob or something. But I was just distracting him, I poured the rest of the potion on his mouth and made him drink it. I saw him transform, I felt his pennis retract into his body, revealing a new slit. She was hot, she was even hotter than I am. She tried to run away, but I started fingering her. She started to moan, I pressed my breasts against hers. I then took her to my bed, and we had the best sex I have ever had. There was lots of licking, lots of rubbing slits together. I even got a doublesided dildo I had hidden and had sex with her.

I was sure I had created the perfect lover. There was no way James, well, Jane as she calls herself, would want to sleep with a guy. She would be mine. As luck would have it, two weeks later, Jane met a guy, she had sex with him, and realized whe wasn’t a lesbian, she was quite straight. So, she left me, we are still friends, but that’s it.

Now I am a lesbian, in look of a lover, and everyday I keep on wondering what would have happened if I had drank the rest of the bottle, life would have been easier, that’s for sure.


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