Babysitter Cases Part 4

As stated previously, Holly (15) had convinced her father’s coworker, Dave (30) to swap bodies with her. Using the idea of female pleasure of the reason to switch, Dave was lured in, despite knowing her young age.

Once they were swapped and Holly left, Dave walked over to his room. From his testimony, he stated:
‘It was as if my entire brain had no control over my urges. As soon as Holly left, I couldn’t have been hornier if I tried.’

The conscious swap of a thirty year old man to a fifteen year old body proved to be far too taxing on Dave’s mind. He spent the rest of the afternoon (and several days more) relishing in the pleasures of the female orgasm.

‘You have to try it’, stated Dave. ‘There’s nothing in this world that compares to sticking your finger inside of you and feeling that RUSH.”

It was difficult to look Dave in the eye, during our conversation. That much is certain.


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