Misplaced trust

Kate (40) and her daughter Gabby (20) had swapped bodies using a spell they bought online. They never had a good relation. It was Kate’s idea, she told her daughter that it would be the perfect way to finally build up some trust between them. Gabby was hesitant at first, but since it would only be a week and they wouldn’t tell anyone, she made up her mind. They started on monday, Gabby’s mom was very excited after the swap. She would go to school again and Gabby in her mom’s body would go to work.

After a tiring day at work, Gabby came home only to find her mother fucking her boyfriend in her own body! She wanted to stop them, knowing that if Josh came the swap would be permanent. She screamed, but Kate screamed on the exact same time. She came and with her did JOsh. The change was permanent. Kate only smiled at her daughter in her old body, this had been her plan all along.


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