How I Met Your Father

Alright kids, here’s the story of how I became me and met your father on the same night. I have been waiting to tell this to you for years, but now you’re old enough. No no, I swear it is a good story, and I think it’s about time that you know the truth. I haven’t always been a woman, I was once a man. The story of my change begins back on one fateful Halloween night…

I was 21, and I had forgotten to get a costume and Halloween was coming up in 2 days. The new technology (That is now illegal) for body suits had just been released on the market for consumer uses. So I had gone to the website and ordered a Captain America body suit, and paid for two day shipping, which would let it arrive on Halloween. However, mistakes were more common when you expressed ordered things in those days, and I would be proof of that.

It was Halloween, and I had a huge college party to go to that night, I was at the doorstep when the UPS guy dropped off my package and I ran back inside with it. The package I bought had included the shield and everything, needless to say I was giddy. So I opened it to see that there was no Captain America waiting for me in there, but instead a girl body suit. Of course I called the company to explain, but they had a strict no returns policy. So I was stuck, make a shitty costume or go as a girl… I chose the girl, obviously.

I took the suit out and the clothes that came with it. The skin felt very weird, too lifelike, but that was the point so I had to deal with it. I started with the feet and inserted them into the small feminine insertion points, it felt oddly satisfying. As I continued my way up I was starting to really like the results of long, hairless legs and small, petite feet. I only hesitated at the point where you kids would come from, as you can imagine that my new equipment was giving me some displeasure at first, followed by pleasure. I continued up my body to my breasts that became full and pleasurable. And the rest of my body went by smoothly. I loved my new hair especially. However my mind started feeling weird, so I put on the clothes and went to the party.

The party I went to had major amounts of alcohol, I never want you kids doing that. But my new mind made me a horny bimbo for the night. I was out of control talking and flirting with guys, and to be quite honest I was enjoying it. So later that night I went home with this hunk, 6’3″ and a massive… uh… truck. Sorry I almost lost myself there. But in short kids, that the story of how I met your father the night I became a woman.


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