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Watch Your Words with Witches?

“I’ll be your treat, if you trick yourself to me,” I said to a girl at a party. Perhaps I shouldn’t have said it that way, but I was very drunk, and it was a wild Halloween part.
“Okay,” the girl said. “I warn you though, you may not like the trick.” She grabbed me by the hand, and led me to a bedroom, pushing me down on the bed.
Something seemed to fog up for a moment, and then I woke up. I tried to move, but I found myself tied in place. I looked down, and all around me to see pumpkins seeming to watch me, with lewd expressions carved into their faces. Looking down I noticed that I now had a female body, especially right where it counts. I had somehow become impaled on the wide stem of a pumpkin. It felt so good I couldn’t help but moan in pleasure.
I looked forward and gasped.
My former body stood in front of me.
“My trick is to turn you into my body,” (s)he said. “My treat is that you’re about to give yourself to me…”

Happy Halloween

Cameron never cared about trick or treating, or putting up decorations, or dressing up as his favorite character for Halloween. In fact, he rather disliked the whole event, he hated ghosts and other spooky stuff, but he was getting ready to go out tonight. His college was holding a big unofficial Halloween party, and Cameron wouldn’t miss it for the world. He could already picture all the girls, in their skimpy outfits. Read more

The Maid Forever

Henry was still not used to feeling his girlfriend’s hard cock pressing against his pussy. In hindsight he shouldn’t have agreed to visit that Halloween party together dressed as maid and business man with him being the maid! What had happened since then was all Sandra’s fault! Read more

Hallowitch (Beginning)

For years, Kassandra watched as the festival once known as All Hallows Eve gained more and more popularity. Over the centuries she gained power by stealing the manhood of many. This year she prepared to cast her mightiest and naughtiest curse to ensure every trickster was in for a treat. Read more


Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year. For this year I dressed up as a pirate at the party many were impressed by my costume and the act that came with it. I always walked around and would put my cutlass under one’s chin and demand some booty. Unfortunately, one was a wizard and he gave me some booty alright. But he supplied me with a pirate costume for next year though and I just can’t wait.

How I Met Your Father

Alright kids, here’s the story of how I became me and met your father on the same night. I have been waiting to tell this to you for years, but now you’re old enough. No no, I swear it is a good story, and I think it’s about time that you know the truth. I haven’t always been a woman, I was once a man. The story of my change begins back on one fateful Halloween night… Read more

beware of abandoned houses

Halloween was kind of a lame holiday. Me and my friend Rick thought costumes were dumb and pulling pranks was cruel. Rick did have a penchant for wanting to do “something scary” every now and then, and he used Halloween as an excuse to drag me along on some stupid adventure. Read more

Sexy Stormtrooper

Halloween costumes can be hard to find at the best of times but the TG store guarantees that they will make it incredibly easy. Of course with an ad like that I went in. I’d always been a Star Wars fan so I opted for a Star Wars costume.
They gave me a stormtrooper costume. I tried it on and it felt as though it was a perfect fit. Happy with my find I took the costume off. When I took the costume off a lot was different. My penis was replaced by a vagina, I had long hair, I had two big breasts, I had a curvy body, I was a woman. I was furious. I gave the manager a piece of my mind I was completely and utterly livid. However, he explained that there was nothing that could be done and I was stuck this way. I was incredibly upset. They offered me a new costume and financial compensation. I willingly accepted. The new costume wasn’t the one I had tried on. The store disposed of it due to its danger. Instead I got a latex dress with heels and a helmet. I looked like a stormtrooper from a porn parody. Which I wasn’t keen on.
I know I won’t be a man again but I wish I was.