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The Everlasting Summer Body

As everyone must do, Evan flipped the calendar to October, and finally kissed summer good-bye. He lived in Boston, Massachusetts, so he got to experience a four-season year. And while that was always seen as a blessing, Evan just wanted his summer days back. The good days taking a trip down to Cape Cod while having a beer and listening to country music. But, sadly now he would be forced to go back to his office street on State Street, wear sweaters, and start switching back to hot coffee. However on the bright side he got to let go a little bit and not have to keep up the “summer bod”. Evan truly just wanted to be in the summer sun forever. Read more

How I Met Your Father

Alright kids, here’s the story of how I became me and met your father on the same night. I have been waiting to tell this to you for years, but now you’re old enough. No no, I swear it is a good story, and I think it’s about time that you know the truth. I haven’t always been a woman, I was once a man. The story of my change begins back on one fateful Halloween night… Read more