Hold the moan

I had heard about this game because of him- I don’t even know his name- I only knew him as CaptionMan from OTGC…. It was called Hold the Moan. He had messaged me to let me know that it was a real game, and was curious if I wanted to play. I liked the idea of a challenge, and a temporary chance to embrace my feminine side and make a sex slave out of him in the process.

We decided to stream it all online.

He even volunteered to go first, turning into a sensual babe of a woman. But I knew the game was lost when I was cumming 5 second into things, without even getting him close to moaning.

As I took the nanites, he told me that if I could make it 5 minutes, he wouldn’t hold it over me, and would let us both go back to our old selves. But as I put on some sexy lingerie, I realized I really liked this new body.

I tried to hold back my moan by putting my hand over my mouth, but here I am winking at the camera right before moaning the loudest moan, and officially becoming the CaptionMan’s full time live in sex toy. But I sure love this sexy new body of mine.


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