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Not bored anymore (request for @MiraMinx)

Anthony was feeling a little disappointed. It was the third week of the last summer before he started his senior year of college. It had not been a bad summer and school was going well, but another summer stuck in his boring home town was not exactly his idea of exciting. Every single person over 25 he ran into could not stop blabbing on about how โ€œthese are the best times of your lifeโ€ and โ€œmake sure not to waste your youth, once you get a job and a family you canโ€™t go backโ€. At times Anthony had to force himself not to roll his eyes. Read more

Linda Norton

I never thought it was would all end up like this. In fact, I never wanted this. Never. I was a man and I intended on staying one. I was masculine and I never thought of being female and if I were to think about it I would see it as immensely disgusting. Read more