Lab Spill

That’s me. It’s crazy, it’s absurd but that really is me. It’s been two months now but I still can’t believe it. I’m a woman. I have breasts, I have a vagina, I am a fully functional woman.

When those untrialled chemicals intoxicated the water supply I was shook with fear. I thought I could have died but instead I became a woman. And a try first, I would have preferred death. The laboratory were sued like crazy and were enforced to assist new women such as myself. We were given entirely new wardrobes. I as did many others received substantial financial compensation and was offered extra if I acted feminine.

You see, the laboratory wanted to try and salvage their reputation. They felt if the victims of their mistake were attractive women who presented well and wore skirts and so forth it may well look better. So I dove in head first. I kept my hair long and tried to be an everyday woman.

I began to enjoy it. Sure there were hiccups, I had to sit to pee, hair was in my face and so first. But I loved so much. My body was filled with all new emotions, the space between my legs made things comfy, my skin was soft and I was beautiful.

To be honest, I feel so happy being a woman. I don’t know why but for some reason I feel so much better than I ever had as a man. I feel sorry for those who didn’t drink the contaminated water. They are really missing out.


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