The book

“what’s this?” I said as I openned a book I had just found out in my own living room. I live alone, and I don’t remember seeing that book before. As I quickly browsed through all its pages, I noticed it was full of drawings, but it mainly had tips on how to be the ideal wife. “This is stupid” I said as I read some of the rules and tips.

For some reason I couldn’t stop reading, at first I couldn’t help but laugh at some of the things the book said, I was later giggling. The room started to feel hot. So I unbuttoned my shirt. At the time I didn’t notice anything wrong with my body. I continued reading. I felt my pants evaporate into thin air. My hair was changing color, my figure was become slim. My chest was growing breasts, and everypage I read, they kept getting bigger.

The worst happened afterwards. I started imagining how great it would be to be a perfect wife like the book said. I imagined a man entering me. How great it would feel. My nipples got erect, my clit too. Then, I felt wet. I looked down, and it wasn’t until that moment that I realized what had happened. Part of me wanted to go back, but I just had to finish the book. I am now reading the last page, I feel light headed. It doesn’t matter, my husband should be back in a few minutes. And I can’t wait to have hot, dirty and kinky sex with him. And best of all, be a perfect wife for him.


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