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The Final Fight

In the Underground Ring, everything was allowed. Gouging eyeballs. Kicking groins. Stomping heads. Quite a bunch of my opponents became disabled, but they knew what they were getting into. It’s the first thing you’re told–everything was allowed except carrying weapons. I’ve made quite a fortune off crushing my opponents in the Underground Ring, being the undefeated champion and all. I knew my day would come… but not like this. Never have I imagined my eventual defeat would be like this. Read more

The Stickers

I ran into Jonathan’s room as soon as he left for his road trip. There it was, the safe! I approached the safe with caution so that I don’t move anything else in his room. I started to turn the dial: 23-11-49… Click! The safe’s lock unlatched and its door popped open a little. I knew it! Of course that wasn’t any random number on that sticky note! They were the numbers for the safe! Read more

All In

“All In!” he shouted as he slammed the table. He didn’t even bothered to push the chips forward. Read more

The Reparations

The war of the kingdom came to an abrupt end when the royal family announced that they’d give in to the demand of the noble alliance which started the war. For a royal bloodline to wed the duke. The princess volunteered herself to be the bride of the duke to stop the carnage. But, as the reparation of the war, the duke demanded more than he first asked for. Instead of a princess, he demanded two of royal bloodline to be his. The king retorted that the younger princess died of illness in the siege, and the two princes died in the war. In fact, the death of his last heir was what made him surrender to the duke’s terms as he saw no hope in life. Read more

The Revenge

Oliver, we’re sure you enjoyed your time with us as your sex slaves, but it’s time you get a taste of your own medicine. It’s your turn to turn into a girl and to serve the man. Oh, how did we break from your mind control you might ask? Yeah, being turned into a submissive and obedient bimbo was a pain in my ass. Spreading my legs for a delinquent like you… Now that I got some sensibilities back, it was pretty fucking awful, you know? Anyhow, since we’re so much better human being than you are, we’ll tell you. You remember Frank, right? From the office downstairs? He walked in, saw us, and took the role of the alpha male. I guess you didn’t know your spell can be overtaken by other more masculine man. To be honest, he is indeed more manly than you wimpy ass boy. Obviously as you can see, he didn’t let us turn back into guys, or let us go from the mind control. But he wanted more. So that’s where you come in, Oliver. We’ve been waiting for you in this room for quite some time with this spell from your grimoire of yours. We can read too. So, you will join us in his personal harem. He’ll thrust you good, believe me. Oh, that face. Yep. In your mind, you’re probably thinking, there’s no way you’d be willingly give yourself to Frank. But just hold on a second and let me give you a good rub on your clitoris. Once you cum, you’ll know what we’ve all went through. Enjoying it yet, you slut, Olivia?

The two sides of the wishing coin

When my roommate Jonathan and I returned to our room from the campus, we were puzzled to find a wet golden coin on our carpet floor. It wasn’t there when we left the room. Neither of us has seen it before. We wondered how much it was going to worth. I reluctantly picked the coin up to stash it somewhere safe and to clean the soaked carpet. Suddenly, a fairy popped out from the coin. Read more

Inside the Lair

Morning, Agent Cole. You’re awake, I see. I’m rather impressed how early you’re up. Even in your current shape, your body metabolism must have processed all that sleeping gas you breathed in. And you had quite plenty. Read more

The Dominatrix

“Wait… hold on, hold on.” Mike protested. “This isn’t how it’s suppose to go. I’m suppose to…” Read more

The most expensive item

I was elated when I found out I won the lottery, but was slightly disappointed when I learned that the prize wasn’t cash. The prize, instead, was a ticket–a free pass to a luxurious hotel for a week; I suppose the hotel was sponsoring the lottery and such. If it’s of any consolation, I was informed that the free pass is the ultimate free pass, meaning that absolutely every expense I spend in the hotel will be covered. So, perhaps to release my frustration that I wasn’t winning any cash, I planned to bath in sparkling wines and waste as much as I could before the pass expires. Read more

The Jailed Magician

Clang clang clang. A sound of a baton hitting the steel bars echoed into my cell. I laid still on my bed, facing the wall. Soon, I heard the key clinks and then the door creak and open. Then some footsteps. Read more