Meet Amy

“I want you to meet Amy. It’s hard to believe that this kinky and bimbo of a girl was completely different a week ago.” I told my friend James. “Who is she? how come i don’t remember her?” he asked me. “Well, that is because, 1 week ago she was Dan.” I said. “Dan? The Dan? Dan who was a bully back in highschool?” James asked “how? how!? how did you do that?”. “How is not important, what’s important, is that she is waiting for her last command to finish her transformation”. Amy, still sitting in my kitchen floor, completely naked had a blank stare.

“Last command? what? you are going to turn her into our maid? our sex slave?” he kept asking, “a bimbo? a slut?”. “It is not up to me, I know Dan was a pain the butt for you. So, you must chose his personality. Consider it my gift”. James paused, I could see an evil grin on his face, “so, if I wanted… this hot redhead could be my girlfriend?”. “Yes, anything you like” I said. Then his face, started changing, he looked worried, “But, even if he made our lifes a living hell, I don’t think anyone deserves this. I guess we should turn him back” he said. “I can’t do that” I told James. “You can’t or you don’t want to?”, “well, you are right, I don’t want to”. He looked mad “well, I guess I will have to stop you somehow, I must tell somebody what you have done” James said, while turning around and walking towards the exit.

“Stop” I said. And James stopped. A few days ago, I gainned the power to control people, I could make them freeze, and change their body and mind. I thought James would understand. But now that I see he doesn’t want to go through with it, I guess I will have to turn him into Kim, Amy’s twin sister. And I guess I can use his idea of turning both of them into my bimbo sex slaves.


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