Happy Halloween

Cameron never cared about trick or treating, or putting up decorations, or dressing up as his favorite character for Halloween. In fact, he rather disliked the whole event, he hated ghosts and other spooky stuff, but he was getting ready to go out tonight. His college was holding a big unofficial Halloween party, and Cameron wouldn’t miss it for the world. He could already picture all the girls, in their skimpy outfits.

“They all dress like goddamn whores, not that I’m complaining.” Cameron muttered to himself.

“Excuse me?!” Cameron heard a female voice from his open dorm room door. He saw a brunette wearing a witch’s hat that he had never seen before.


She pointed and finger at him, and asked him to repeat what he said. Cameron would never have responded, but felt compelled to say,

“They all dress like goddamn whores, not that I’m complaining” Cameron said, though more ashamed now that he knew she could hear him. The brunette witch did not take kindly to that.

“If you aren’t complaining, then maybe you should join them!” She then twirled her finger in a circle.

As she did so, Cameron began to feel his body shift. First, he dropped down from an intimidating 6’4 down to a diminutive 5’4. His hair didn’t change color, but grew down to his shoulders. Speaking of his shoulders, they pulled in, changing from their previous broadness now to make Cameron thin and small. His arms followed suit, and then his waist contracted as well.

After that, his hips widened noticeably, and Cameron felt fat build up on his new feminine ass. Then his chest ballooned out to form large, perky C-cup breasts. Lastly, he felt the loss of his prized manhood, as a void took its place.

Immediately, his chest was lifted by a cute, black lace bra, which was visible under his new red, spaghetti strap top, which showed off his cleavage marvelously. Cameron’s pants shifted into a a tight black pencil skirt that was incredibly short. His socks turned into patterned tights and climbed up his womanly legs. Cameron could feel a thong slide up his ass, which was lifted by a pair of 2.5 inch heels that appeared on him. A red pitchfork appeared in his hand, and a devil horned headband on his head

“What the hell!?!” (s)he screamed.

The witch smirked. “Don’t worry Cammie, this is just the beginning of a very long night for a very bad girl.”


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