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Westside Gym

The Westside Gym was unique. It was an all-girls gym. There isn’t a single male member, however to join in the first place you must be male.
It transforms people. They change men into women. It is immensely popular and it is quite difficult to get in. But I was lucky, as were the friends I have around me. Can you see me? The blonde in the range. I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been her for a year now and I can’t thank the gym enough for it. Read more

Happy Halloween

Cameron never cared about trick or treating, or putting up decorations, or dressing up as his favorite character for Halloween. In fact, he rather disliked the whole event, he hated ghosts and other spooky stuff, but he was getting ready to go out tonight. His college was holding a big unofficial Halloween party, and Cameron wouldn’t miss it for the world. He could already picture all the girls, in their skimpy outfits. Read more

Tights Consortium

The Tights Consortium was increased by seven new members, who coincidentally lost their members! They were all “players” so to speak, and the women at the consortium wanted revenge on them. If they couldn’t beat them, they would make them join them! They would be permanently changed to fit the consortium. Read more

From Volvo to Vulva

Ted said he wanted to represent Volvo, his favorite car brand, and the type of car his dealership sold. His boss said he didn’t have what it took to represent them at the auto show. He said he would do whatever it took, and the boss agreed. On the day of the auto show, Ted woke up feeling woozy. Suddenly he was at the show, and feeling weird. Read more


Andrew had made one too many remarks to his girlfriend about women in the gym and their shapely sportswear. “Mmm, look at that fine girl’s tight pants; why don’t you wear stuff like that all the time, hot stuff?” he’d said, slapping her rear. Read more

Class Change

Ted was tired of being a student in class and made a wish on a star that things would change in class. The next day when in class, he blacked out, and when he came to, things were different! He felt strange right away, and looking down seen why, he was dressed like a woman, and actually his body felt strange too, in fact he thought he might just be a woman now! As he tried to speak, he heard his new female voice, and was shocked. Read more

Amazingly Happy

Harold walked out of the Gender Change Clinic with a smile on his pretty new face. He was now Harriet, ready to take on the world as a woman now! He also just loved his new outfit they gave him as a parting gift, especially the white tights and cute red flats.