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Costume Gun: Enlightenment

I was licking my girlfriend I was thinking I was doing a good job. She was silent but she used to do that. Once she told me she was quiet just so she could concentrate on the pleasure.
So I was mildly suprised when she told me to stop it.
“Stop. Stop! Cut it out! *sigh* This isn´t working”, Amanda said and pushed away my head from her groin. Read more

Gossip Girl Costume

My girlfriend, Sarah was a die hard Gossip girl fan. I don’t know why, I thought the show was so ridiculous. But for some reason I agreed that this year we could do a Gossip Girl costume. She loved Blake Lively’s character, but Sarah was shorter and brunette, so she decided to be the other lead. Leighton was the actresses name I think. She had tasked me with figuring out who I wanted to be and putting my costume together. I figured a simple suit would cover the bases. Read more


Warning: Bella’s Magical Boutique cannot be held liable for misuse of any costumes. Read more

Happy Halloween

Cameron never cared about trick or treating, or putting up decorations, or dressing up as his favorite character for Halloween. In fact, he rather disliked the whole event, he hated ghosts and other spooky stuff, but he was getting ready to go out tonight. His college was holding a big unofficial Halloween party, and Cameron wouldn’t miss it for the world. He could already picture all the girls, in their skimpy outfits. Read more

Santa’s little helper

This year Jeremy wanted to get a present from Santa even though it was very unlikely because he has been raping teenaged girls this year.santa was getting tired being alone so he came up with a plan. Jeremy was drunk and nearly half asleep but he could hear the rustling in the fireplace then Santa popped out “Santa is that you are you gonna give me presents” no Jeremy I have other plans for you” ” what are they Santa” “oh you’ll see” then Santa chanted become my ho ho ho become my ho ho ho become my ho ho ho immediately Jeremy felt the change first his hair grew then his pecs became breasts then his manhood inverted and became a vagina before he new it he was a slut named Jesse “oh Santa I’m the ho you wanted for Christmas” oh I know Jesse you are gonna be Santa’s little helper do you know what with though Jesse ” ” no santa I don’t please please tell me” your gonna help pleasure me Jesse ” ” yay I’m so excited santa

At the costume shop

“Hand me another one” I told my girlfriend while I was trying an ironman costume at the shop’s dressing room, “Maybe a hulk or superman costume”. At the time, I didn’t notice she had mistaken a supergirl’s costume for superman. I slid the shirt on, “wait! this is too short, is this a kid’s costume?” I asked her. “Nope, it says adult. Maybe try the rest on” she said. Read more


Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year. For this year I dressed up as a pirate at the party many were impressed by my costume and the act that came with it. I always walked around and would put my cutlass under one’s chin and demand some booty. Unfortunately, one was a wizard and he gave me some booty alright. But he supplied me with a pirate costume for next year though and I just can’t wait.

Living as a woman (Prize. Part 4)

A lot of things happened since i decided to become a woman full time. When i showed my newself to Mike he didn’t belive me no matter how hard i tried to convince him. I had to bring him to my place and show him how i take off the suit. Mike was really surprised about my decsision but he accepted it. He was very eager to know the new me better and asked me out. We were going out more often, at first as friends but soon there was something going on between us and soon i became his girlfriend. Read more

New Job, New Me

My parents had been on my case about getting a job for the summer, but they did not understand how rough the job market was. I was thrilled to finally get an offer at Disneyland. It was going to be minimum wage, just taking tickets at the entrance, but it was a job. Read more

Just got hired (New job 1)

The job offer said I would have to wear a costume of some sorts. When I applied, I thought I would have to wear a costume of a hairy videogame character or cartoon. I was handed a box, my employeer told me “Here’s your costume. I’llwait outside, come out when you’re ready”. Read more