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School for Wayward Boys

So, here I am. A girl. I never wanted to attend this wretched educational institution but it was all my own doing, I wouldn’t change. Miss Grenniges School for Wayward Boys is one of a kind. The school takes in boys who are off the rails and make them female. Read more

TG Business

I never really saw myself as an entrepreneur. I just felt I was a budding scientist. My passion was always genetic remodelling. When searching for a cure to combat a vicious disease I found something quite interesting. By accident I had stumbled upon a way to instantly change a person’s gender. I told absolutely no one and for the first time the lure of financial gains tempted me. Read more


I hesitated at first. I was unsure. I didn’t know if it was for me. I don’t know why I did. It was so simple if I didn’t like it I changed back. I later enrolled at the last minute.
Arrival was simple. You walked in the gate male and once past the gate you were female. You walked through the gate with your bag too. All your clothes became feminine counterparts. I walked to my room excitedly. I could feel the jiggling of my breasts and the space between my legs and I couldn’t wait to explore.
I soon got to my room. I stripped naked and spent what must of been ages simply admiring myself. Breasts, a vagina, a soft ass. All things I’d never had before. I go through the bag I brought. It was full of make up, panties, heels, skirts, bras, dresses and perfumes. It was a completely different life.
Class began and some of it was normal. Maths, science, history however some was different. We had classes on womanhood. I loved the classes. They taught me to sit like a lady, apply make up, do my hair and sit to pee. I relished everyday. I constantly adjusted my hair and experimented with different shades of make up. I loved it.
At the end of the year, I had the choice. Male or female. It was easy. Female. I couldn’t say good bye. I loved the comfort of pantyhose, the free movement of skirts, the sexiness of heels, the softness of my female features, my long hair, my clean shaven vagina that gave incredible orgasms, the ability to cross my legs and my entire life in general. I couldn’t go back. This was too great. I couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to find out where life will take me as a female. I must say I’m attractive. I could be a model.

Request for @asdf101477

He found it hard to keep his mind off her. The way she walked atop of high heels in that sexy skirt and black pantyhose. No one else was like it. She was definitely his favourite teacher. He sat there trying to do his homework but he couldn’t, his mind was on something else. Her. Miss Longley.
Then boom. Everything changed. The text book, the calculator and his pictures of him with family vanished. The desk was different too. A vaguely familiar piece of writing which looked like an essay or report of sorts was spread on the desk. It was his essay on sociology, the one he handed in two weeks ago. He hadn’t got it back because it hadn’t been marked. It was strange.
He reaches forward with his delicate manicured hand. It took him a moment to realise it but the hand wasn’t is. Further investigation via frisking his body up and down confirmed that he was a she. On his chest were breasts and nothing lied down below.
He sits there shocked and panicked, trying to come to terms with being female. He is a she. It’s not right. It must be a dream.
He continues to observe his now her body. Skirt, sizeable breasts, nice clean shaven legs beneath pantyhose and heels. He kicks the heels off under the desk and let’s his new girly pantyhose covered feet slide across the wooden floor like silk.
He stands and sees a mirror he walks across. It was soon clear that he was Miss Longley. Instantly, he began ripping the clothes off her body. He’d been picturing her naked for eternity finally he would know what she looked like under those clothes. He wasn’t disappointed. She was pure beauty.
After many moments of admiration. He had to be serious. He was Miss Longley. There was no going back. He had to accept it and do her job, mark those papers. He now stared to himself that he was a she and her name was Leanne Longley.
She threw some comfortable clothes on and got to it. She marked paper after paper. Many were quite interesting. She definitely found marking it more interesting than writing. The height of the pile decreased and decreased and decreased until nothing remained. She was done. She could go to bed and enjoy her body.
Time passed, she learnt how to live as Miss Longley. She didn’t want to arouse suspicion so she tried to make it as realistic as possible. She dresses, wore make up and did her hair like Miss Longley. She even taught like Miss Longley. She loves it. Nothing beats being the sexy school teacher in hosiery and heels. Nothing.

Found Out

As the door of his bedroom creaked open the secret was lost. It was no longer a pastime that only he knew about. Now his friends knew and the whole world would soon. It is no longer his secret fetish that had gifted him so much joy but in fact a label that will forever be associated with his name.
You see, Norm never really wanted to be a woman. It wasn’t a childhood dream nor was it the way he wanted to live his life but he was curious. He was definitely curious. He was an obsessive reader of tg captions, comics and fiction. He just found the way the other half of the human race lived so interesting. So, when he was reading a lengthy tg comic depicting the story of a girlfriend who forced her partner to be female and an advertisement pops up about a new computer program he leaped at it.
It took a while to download. The slow internet speeds played a part in that as well as the fact that the download was huge. Eventually however it downloaded.
The program could change Norm’s appearance. Being the curious male he was Norm made himself a female. The first time he freaked out. It was so scary being shorter, having nothing between your legs and so forth so he swiftly reverted back to being Norm.
Norm didn’t try again for a while but he was still curious. He had so many questions. So he became a female again. This time was better. He still felt panicked in the body but he lasted an entire day. The majority of the day was spent groping himself and masturbating. He even sat to pee for the first time as a woman which was quite the educational experience. However, he changed back.
He kept on changing to a female when he got the chance. He even began using the computer program to give him clothing. He also used the program to give him make up and taught himself to become quite the artist. Norm found it quite the thrill to be a woman and whenever he had a chance in the house alone he would become her, the girl he had named Naomi.
Now as Norm in the form of the Naomi spun around to see that his friends had discovered his secret. The shock was unreal. It was so embarrassing. Here he was as a woman with a vagina, make up, long hair, a skirt, breasts and wearing heels. All in front of his closest personal friends.
However, they were very accepting. In fact, sympathetic. They were even tempted to try out the computer program themselves. Norm hopes they give in to temptation and join him in the joy of womanhood.

I Can’t Go Back

I was always jealous of others. Wether it was for their smarts or sporting talents, I always was. I was especially jealous of people’s siblings. I’d never really got to relate to my sister while others had great siblings and they were like two peas in a pod.
I was chatting it through with a counsellor when the counselled adjusted her glasses and announced that maybe it would be easier if we were both the same gender. I agreed that it probably would be easier if we were the same gender. I mean if she were a boy we could talk about anything. Then the counsellor clicked her manicured fingers.
I felt myself shrink in my seat. I could feel body hair be ripped from me. Long blonde hair rapidly grew and framed my face which I could feel changing. Breasts swelled and my ass pillowed. My hips became much wider. My arms and legs grew slender and my hands were feminine. Then I felt it retract, I was a girl.
The counsellor announced we were both now the same gender. Everyone knew me is Tara and at home I would find all my male possessions to be gone. I would have a wardrobe full of girls clothes and shoes. Make up was in rich abundance.
I was somewhat confused. I really wanted a sibling but I didn’t want to trade my manhood for it. I walked out deciding that I could at least give it a try.
I got home to find that I was well known as Tara. My sister greeted me with a, “hey Tara” and slapped my girly ass. I giggled and kept on walking. Was it wrong to have lesbian thoughts about your own sister?
I found that my wardrobe was packed with skirts, dresses, pantyhose, lingerie, heels, boots and much more. Not to mention the make up.
Time passed, and adjusting wasn’t easy. I couldn’t tell anyone of my predicament. Of course my counsellor knew but she wasn’t much help. I really needed a girl to tell me how to do things. It wasn’t easy learning to do make up or remembering to sit when I urinate every single time. Not to mention the pain high heels give me. But eventually, I adjusted.
My relationship with my sister was great. We always went shopping and read all the gossip magazines. We new each other inside and out.
Today, I went back to the counsellor. She wanted to know if I wanted to change back. I said no. She tried to make me consider all variables like periods and stuff but it wasn’t changing it. I’m Tara now, I’m a girl. I love skirts, gossip and high heels not to mention my wonderful boyfriend. I can’t go back.


War is a disgusting feature of our planet. Completely and utterly disgusting. Many of the technological advancements that have been brought forward by war have caused such immense horror. One of the newest and most unbelievable weapons of war is that of the fembomb. Read more

Linda Norton

I never thought it was would all end up like this. In fact, I never wanted this. Never. I was a man and I intended on staying one. I was masculine and I never thought of being female and if I were to think about it I would see it as immensely disgusting. Read more

Not Just His Sex Slave

I hope he knows that I’m not just his sex slave. He can’t just rob me of my masculinity and make me a female and put me in skimpy latex outfits and expect me to take his cock in whichever hole he pleases. But he needs to know, his cock isn’t going in any hole of mine. Just because I’m a woman dosen’t mean I have to bend over, get on my knees or spread my legs for him. There is no reason why I simply can’t sit with my legs together. Eventually he will see that I am useless and will give me back my masculinity. However, I doubt that will happen, he’ll probably just throw me out and when I leave my femininity will leave with me. I’m not being a man again. I’m stuck as a female, I know it.

Friend To Girlfriend

I never meant for this too happen. It just thought it’d be funny you know, to change him into a woman. I thought it’d be hilarious. Watch him adjust to sitting to pee, wobble in heels and have long hair. Plus I could use a bit of blackmail for some saucy photos or enjoyable experiences. Little did I know that the potion I slipped into his beer that night wasn’t exactly what I thought. Read more