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You look in the mirror with astonished eyes, in front of you the reflection of your crush watching back. You were friends for years and when you confessed to her things were not the same anymore, also the tattoo that you made togheter got another meaning. The word “Damage” on your wrists was to remember all the things you went through as friend, and now it’s only meaning was the pain of the two of you not being a couple. And so today, while watching at it crying you wished for things to be different, and that’s when it happened: suddenly under the tattoo now appeared her bracelets, and her pigtails now falling down with armony on your chest was no mistake. You are now her. Running for a mirror you finally take a look at the love of your life from her point of view. Her stunning beaty paralyzes you, every details you missed are now there for you. The lips you always yerned for, her ginger hairs, the elegance of her cleavage, and eyes you could lose yourself in for days. Altough it could be a strange situation you feel somehow ok with it, also starting to feel like she would and remembering her memories, with all that you both went through and with your big surprise her feelings for you. In that moment a notifications arrives on her phone. It’s you, apparently unaware of what happened. Maybe you’ll never find out what really happened, but while looking at the old you and feeling a warm deep in your chest you realize that now on things will be different.

This Isn’t Me

Ever since this happened my minds gone crazier and crazier. I went from man to woman and despite my initial panic I was ok but my minds changing. I seem to be consistently losing my intellectual talent and my interests keep on changing. I went from liking cars and sports to being obsessed with lipsticks, lingerie, skirts and heels. What’s most concerning is my desire for men. I can’t stop thinking about cock and my desperate need for one inside me. What’s happening to me? This isn’t me.

On the House

The bartender I’d been admired finally made her way back to where I was sitting. I was already a drink or three in, so I no longer had the willpower to pry my eyes away from her stunning cleavage. Read more

Happy Halloween

Cameron never cared about trick or treating, or putting up decorations, or dressing up as his favorite character for Halloween. In fact, he rather disliked the whole event, he hated ghosts and other spooky stuff, but he was getting ready to go out tonight. His college was holding a big unofficial Halloween party, and Cameron wouldn’t miss it for the world. He could already picture all the girls, in their skimpy outfits. Read more


Modern Warfare is not exactly played by the rules. Countries are turning to biological warfare to achieve the upper hand. The newest revolution in this is femgas. They use femgas and spray it over towns or military installations. The gas will only effect men as it changes them into women. Women on the other hand will not notice the slightest of disturbances to the air. A few months ago the enemy sprayed fem gas over a town of over a million people. This caused everyone to be female.
When military bases are struck it causes much havoc. Soldiers can not concentrate on their job when they have pair of breasts on their chest. As you can see this pilot can’t even get her zipper up over her breasts. Imagine, men running into war unable to take their eyes off their hot jiggling breasts the results would be catastrophic. Read more

Upload 10

I know I’m supposed to be a guy, but I just don’t care! I know I’m supposed to be mad at my sister and mom, but I’m just not! Whatever my sister did to me before my last photo shoot she hasn’t undone yet, and it’s been almost an entire week. I’m well aware of my previous life but I’m just not mad or upset because of my sisters magic. Right now I love being a woman. I love the attention my body gets, especially my breasts. When I catch men or even women looking at my exposed cleavage it gives me chills. I was sitting in my room when my mom came in. I was just reading a magazine because since the incident I just had no interest in video games. Read more

We volunteer!

When the world had too many males the government began changing men into women. Groups of male friends were chosen at random to become groups of female friends.
Mike and Larry wanted to be female so they could help the human race. So they went into the government and volunteered. The government was shocked that a man would volunteer to be a girl. Due to the rareness of the situation they allowed Mike and Larry to select their features.
Mike decided to become Mia (left) who was short with huge round breasts.
Larry in the other hand chose the conservative approach and became Lauren (right) who was basic and standard with blonde hair.
The pair loved the fact that they helped the survival of the human race. They also loved their new forms. However, Mia was beginning to tire of the stares at her breasts.
They are still the only people who went to the government transformation centre and said: “We volunteer!”

Couldn’t Be Happier

Connor must of been the first in the door of the TG Restaurant. Being female had been a long-lasting desire for him and now he could experience it at a cheap price. He ordered the Teen Thick Shake.
His body changed from the first gulp and he came a cute blonde teenage girl with full breasts. Connor chose to now be identified as Carla and she couldn’t be happier with her new form.

My Bodysuit

My bodysuit finally arrived this week! I didn’t know what to expect and I kept my fingers crossed it would be somewhat close to the pictures in the advertisement. Since I live with another guy roommate I had to wait until today to try it on as I have Sunday’s off and he has to work. Read more


Yes mom…you were right, no one has made fun of my braces. I never thought I would be so popular. The boys always used to beat me up and the girls wouldn’t even talk to me. Now the boys don’t leave me alone and the girls all want to be my BFFs. I know the dentist said he would make sure that I wouldn’t mind my braces, but I never expected he meant that the kids would be looking at my cleavage rather than my teeth. I don’t mind though, they feel really nice. When I get my braces off, can I keep my breasts, and maybe have something else removed instead?