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Modelling for love (Request by @tgkid123)

Tristan would never have imagined that this would happen when he agreed to help his crush Jillian with a photography sesion. As she proposed that, he happily accepted, just wanting to spend some time with her. They drove into a tranquil, far cove and she started to prepare their cameras and such things.
“Well Tristan, I just want you to put this on and pose, standing on the beach. It will be easy, just act natural, OK?”-She said.
He just took the bag and went to change behind some trees. In the bag there was just a small, pink bikini.
“Emm… Jill, I think you made a mistake, there is a bikini here!”-Shouted from behind the trees.
“Don’t worry, sweetie. I just want to make some work with boys dressed as girls. I’ll pixel your face before publishing the photos if you want.”
He agreed and put the bikini on. Suddenly his body started to change. He grew a nice pair of breasts and in few minutes his body was the one of a very attractive woman. If he had a mirror, he would have seen an exact copy of Kate Upton.
He ran to Jillian, terrified. “What have you done to me?”-He said in a sweet feminine voice
“Oh, sorry for not telling you about, Kate. I’ve enchanted this bikini to make you look like a supermodel. If you tell me at the end of the sesion, I’ll reverse the spell, I promise”
Tristan, or Kate, began to model. It was so easy, she felt that she had done it a thousand times before. She loved every second of the sesion, that lasted for hours. At the end, she was so excited and happy, and knew she was going to be a woman for the rest of her life

Linda Norton

I never thought it was would all end up like this. In fact, I never wanted this. Never. I was a man and I intended on staying one. I was masculine and I never thought of being female and if I were to think about it I would see it as immensely disgusting. Read more

TG Virus Pagent

You wouldn’t think I was once a man would you. I look like a girl. I speak like a girl. I act like a girl.
The victims of the TG virus pagent is all about celebrating people’s new found form. I’ve been told I’m picked to be this years winner. When I contracted the virus I was terribly alarmed. The doctors told me I only had four days remaining as a male. I was unsure how I would live after those four days had finished. I dreaded being a female, I didn’t see how I could live on the other side of the fence. Those four days were hard my body was gradually changing.
When it was all over I discovered that being a female isn’t that bad. I discovered that I was in fact quite beautiful. I fell in love with my new form. I loved shopping for new clothes to suit my body. It was always so fun. I learned how to apply make up expertly and do my hair stunningly.
When I saw a flyer about the pagent, I couldn’t resist. I spent all week planning how I would look. I bought my bikini and ensured it would display the best features of my body, especially my ass. I did my make up paying attention to every tiny detail. I looked in the mirror and decided that with an ass like my own, I couldn’t possibly lose.
I was so excited when I won. It confirmed to me that I loved being a girl and that I was better off this way.

Oh my god Mother: pt 3 The Sleep-Over

“Guess what?” my mother chirped in her much too happy tone of voice.
“What?” I croaked as disagreeably as I could. Sometimes it made me feel better to feel sorry for myself and let the world around me know it. It wasn’t my fault that I had suddenly changed from a boy to a girl. Read more

The woods

I was lost in the woods. I had given up looking for a way out. I just sat down close to a tree, “this is it, I am sure of it, this is the time I cease to exist. No one will find me” I whispered, I was about to cry, when I noticed a few pink roses growing around my legs. “I am already dead? or am I imagining things?” I thought. Then grass grew around my chest and privates. My clothes just desintegrated. Read more

Just got hired (New job 1)

The job offer said I would have to wear a costume of some sorts. When I applied, I thought I would have to wear a costume of a hairy videogame character or cartoon. I was handed a box, my employeer told me “Here’s your costume. I’llwait outside, come out when you’re ready”. Read more

The sales pitch (New Job 4)

The cab driver couldn’t stop looking at me, he almost crashed a couple of times. I paid him, and walked the rest of the way. People, not only men, but women were staring at me too. I got to my former employers office. Ready to comfront him. I didn’t even knock his door, I just kicked it open. I was so full of energy. “You! it is all your fault” I told him. I couldn’t believe I still sounded so girly. “Mrs. Coleman” he said. “Don’t call me that! you very well know I am not her” I yelled at him. “Please, calm yourself down, I will help you. Just close the door.” he said. I closed the door. And turn back at him, ready to hit him in the face. Read more

The dream (New job 3)

After having the weirdest day of my life, I fell asleep with quite an ease. In my dream I wasn’t wearing anybody suit, I was back to my maleself. I filled up my bathtub, and got in. The water was warm, and the soap I was using was relaxing. A few minutes after I noticed my skin was getting kind of wrinkly, so I started peeling it off. With each chunk I took, I revealed a feminine body below it. When I was done, I was a girl again. But this time, I wasn’t scared, it just felt right. I stayed in the tub for hours, just relaxing, admiring my new body. Read more

A new beginning (New job 2)

I took a cab, which in this body was quite easy. On the way back, I inspected the purse I was given. It didn’t have much, just a girly cellphone, some cash, some keys, and an id. “Must be part of the costume” I thought. When the cab parked outside my home I realized I didn’t have my keys, “shit my backpack. All my stuff is in there.” That meant I didn’t have my cellphone either, “how am I going to call them?”. I got the girly cellphone out, but none of the numbers there looked familiar. Then I got the id out, it had my picture, well, that of the bodysuit. I looked at the address, and asked the cab driver to take me there. Read more

Crisis averted

I was delivering pizza to a modeling agency “hello! Pizza delivery for…. I.C. Weiner” realizing I had just been part of a prank, I said “Aw, crud!” outloud. But right then a man showed up, “No no no, it’s no joke, you showed up just in time. Right this way” he said. Expecting to get paid, I followed him. “So sir, it’s $ 10.77” I told him, “just a minute” he said. I then felt something on my neck, I got pricked. “what the?” I said as I fell down to the floor. I didn’t pass out, but I felt so relaxed, I just couldn’t stand up. Read more