Dark Master (29)

“OH, YES DADDY! YES! That feels so good! Squeeze my big boobies, daddy!”

“*grunt* Yeah, babe. I like it when you call me ‘daddy’. Ooh!”

“Well, you ARE my daddy, silly.”

“I sure hope not, sweetheart. The only kid I’ve got is a 6-year-old boy.”

“I know… that’s ME!”

“What the hell are you talking about, you crazy bitch?”

“Well, this magic man in a fancy suit said that you had been naughty with my babysitter, Tina, and that you made a baby with her behind mommy’s back. He turned me into a big girl and told me to do naughty stuff with you.”

“What?! …But how did you- …Mikey?!”

“It’s true daddy. It was supposed to be a surprise. The magic man told me that he’ll take me away unless you make a baby with me.”

“Oh my God! This can’t be- …Oh God, I’M CUMMING!”


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