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Sweet revenge

Kyle was plotting his revenge for the past month. He couldn’t forgive his friend, Luke for using the spell that caused him to swap bodies with a woman. Now Kyle was trapped as a hot, horny brunette for the rest of his life. The spell even controled his mind so Kyle acted like the woman whose body he had right now. It was a nightmare, he already slept with a dozen of men and wasn’t about to quit. But now Kyle had the spell and soon he will use it on Luke. Read more

In her panties

“Wha… What the hell is this?” Kyle’s voice was trembling as he was looking at his feminine hands. Just a minute ago he was at home playing on his computer when he suddenly found himself outside. His body felt weird, especially on the chest where he could feel some weight and in his groin area where definitely something was missing. As he looked down he recognized the clothes. The sleevles blouse, the knee lenght skirt the same clothes his english teacher Mrs. Livingstone was wearing in class today. “My God” Kyle said hearing Mrs. Livingstone’s voice comming out of his mouth. Kyle was sure it has to be a dream or some kind of halucinations, there was no way he could be in his teacher’s body. Read more

A lot to deal with

Larry looked up at the group of teenagers coming to the beach. Their loud and immature behavior was annoying him but then he realized that a month ago he was just like them. But he had grown up in a very short time. He had to since the accident that put him into his neighboor’s body. The 14 years old boy was now a 30 years old woman expecting a child. If he knew that the cursed medalion he found on the street would cause it he would never touched that thing. But it was too late now and he had to deal with his new life and body. Read more

Changes in the household

When Coling found a body swapping remote he came up with a perfect plan. His dad was away for a few days and he was stuck at home with his little step sister and his bitch step mother Melanie. Colin hated that Melanie was bossing him around but with the remote things are going to change in their home. Read more

Whatever you do to her

“Whatever are you going to do to my daughter I’m going to do to you, with some bonus” Those were the words my girlfriend’s father told me before we left for the prom. Lisa was his little princess and it was his mission to protect her. Being an ex military and a single father Mr. Holms was a difficult obstacle between me and Lisa. I made the most innocent smile i could and assured that his daughter is safe. Judging by the look on his face he didn’t belive me. Read more

In my mother’s shoes

I gave myself one last look in the mirror before I made sure I can go out like this. My hair was done perfectly just like my makeup, the dress was elegant and it was nicely showing my figure. I have never looked at this body in that way, considering it’s my mom’s body but I must admit that I look great. Still I would prefer to stay at home instead of going out with my hus… I mean father to a fancy restaurant. How did I end up in my mom’s body? It started after another argument. Read more

Bodyhopper – Vengeance

Bobby removed his topwear and felt giddy. Breasts both looked AND felt nice! The memories and personality of his mount made acting like an adult a breeze. No one suspected anything when after he had hopped her.
Taking over other peoples bodies was so cool! Why couldn´t he have learned he could do this stuff earlier than just last week? Read more

Süßer Leckerbissen

Benjamin! Hör auf, den Cup Cake weiter zu essen! Ich denke, der Zucker, den unsere Nachbarin uns gegeben hat, war verzaubert. Ich glaube, dass ist die Rache dafür, das ich sie als Hexe bezeichnet habe. Warum hörst du nicht auf zu essen? Oh mein Gott, bist eine Frau. Nein……du verwandelst dich in sie!