Cheaters Never Prosper

My ex girlfriend had cursed me for cheating on her and now every Friday night at midnight I became a big breasted blond woman. The only way I could become my self again was to have a man cum into me. but, it could never be the same man and it would take 24 hours for the change to take effect.

So every Saturday night I had to go to a different bar and pick up some random guy and thought that wasn’t wasn’t difficult, it did get old.
There was one more catch however. After he blew a load into me I had to turn him into a woman by touching my tits to his face. This didn’t go over so well at times but it was my ex’s way of punishing men in general.
Then I had to explain to them that they would have to be fucked by a man to regain their body, though that would turn that man into a woman, but only one time.
Fortunately, some of them loved being a woman temporarily and we made the most of it


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