Corey, the Irresistible

(Part 17, #Olivia)

I had been “dating” Karen for a week, and she hasn’t done anything for me besides give me awkward glances and a small, almost resentful kiss. She wasn’t much of a girlfriend. On top of that, she kept asking if she could come to my place, but when I said we’d go if we got more intimate, she’d flake on me.

I knew that I had to do something. Karen just wasn’t falling for any of my spells to make her fall in love with me. But I didn’t get it. She was a woman, I was a man. She had to be at least SOMEWHAT attracted to me, right?

“Olivia.” I broke down, I had to ask her. “You said you would help me. Is there anything you can do to help me win her over?”

She sighed a long sigh. “Fine. If you’ll stop bugging me about it.” She reached into Danny’s trunk of stuff. He said I was never allowed in there. Typical he would allow that bitch Olivia to. She pulled out a small flask.

“Take this when you’re with her next. Since it sounds like she might be protected by some magical spell, we’ll have to appeal to her natural female tendencies. We’re just going to have to make you more attractive to her.”

“What!? You’ll change what I look like?”

“Do you want her or not, lover boy? This potion should work. Her protection or whatever shouldn’t stop this.” She put her hand on her hips, and held the flask out to me.

“Fine.” I took the flask. Without another word, I started off for Karen’s place.

I found her cooking in the kitchen. She looked over at me, almost bored, and said “Hey Corey.” Then, she went back to chopping the vegetables in front of her.

I just… I just wanted her so bad. I’ve never been treated like this by girls. They’ve ALWAYS liked me. But Karen is different. I took the flask out of my pocket.

“Karen, I have something I want to show you.”

She turned around again, annoyed, “What?”

I opened the flask, and drank from it as she watched, curiously.

I felt it starting immediately. My body was morphing! Karen looked on at me in awe, and I could only smile. I knew I would have her soon, so very soon!

I could feel my fat melting away, my body started gaining more definition. I was building muscle, I could sense it! Maybe she really liked super-fit and built guys. I could also feel my face crawling, as it was surely changing its appearance to something more desirable to Karen.

I looked at Karen, who was speechless, staring at me and my transformation. I hope she likes guys with really big dicks.

But then, what’s this? I felt like I was… shrinking. Maybe she liked short guys? My head tickled, and I could feel hair growing quickly from my scalp. Was that some kind of other interest of hers? I decided I didn’t care, I need her to want me. To find me completely irresistible.

My chest started hurting… and then ‘they’ arrived. I looked down, and in fear I realized what was happening.

Oh, shit.

I’m… changing into a girl.

I started patting at my body, as if it would make the changes stop. My body slimmed down, I grew more elaborate curves on my previously stocky frame. I was skinny, I was feminine. My pants fell down off my slender legs.

Then, my dick disappeared in my groin, and was replaced very quickly with a vagina.

When it was all over, I stared at Karen, who stared at me. I pulled my shirt down to hide my exposed sex. We stood in silence. I didn’t want to move.

“Are you…” I began, bearing every syllable in my new girly voice, “…a lesbian?”

Karen looked at me, still mystified. After a minute, though, she smiled. It was the first time she’d really, truly, smiled at me. “Not exactly.”


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