Cheating unwillingly

“Do I really have to wear this? It’s really ridiculous! Like anyone will see that I wear matching lingerie under my dress”, Marco said annoyed. “I already told you Marco, that’s what she would wear too. If you don’t want to go out with me to that really expensive restaurant, then just say it already! But remember you owe me big”, Roger said pretending to be angry.

Roger and his coworker Heidi had won a weekend with a fancy dinner and two nights in an expensive hotel in their company lottery. He always wanted to get in her pants, but she was so out of his league and already had a husband. She planned to refuse the lottery win, on the one hand of course because she was happily married, on the other hand because she didn’t want to be seen with disgusting Roger in private.
For Roger it came in quite handy, that his coworker Marco owed him a big favour and that he had the ability to possess people against their will. So he ordered him to possess Heidi to go accept the win and to pretend to be his loving girlfriend for the weekend.

On the way to the hotel Roger never missed a chance to grab Marco’s new ass while putting his arm around his slender waist and pulling him close, much to his annoyance. Roger didn’t even hesitade to put his hand around Marco’s now slim neck, pulling his face towards him and giving him a long french kiss in front of other people. That would be a long weekend…

Now Marco was in their hotel room getting ready for their dinner and he put on the lingerie that Roger had selected for him. The thing was, the soft lingerie felt really good on his delicate skin and the thought of having on such sensual female underwear was turning him on. As he saw himself in the mirror he gasped in his new voice and he could feel a growing dampness between his tights. The sight of Heidi’s Body, her curves with the enhancing lace underwear on, the earrings he had put in her ears, the hair she had nicely done before possessing her (thank god), her feminine body scent and her ‘fuck me’ face he made, it was all too much for him to take in.
As Roger came in, Marco quickly pretended to be annoyed about Roger’s selection. He simply was afraid that he would give in and be so turned on later in the evening about his voluptuous body, that he couldn’t hold onto himself.

As the evening went on his fear would turn out as expected, as Roger would finally get his hands on Heidi’s tempting body, not that Marco cared about that any more, because he was already as wet as he could get. They had dirty sex nearly nonstop for the rest of the weekend. Even if Roger had his way with the real Heidi, she never would have done the things in bed they did now. Marco sucked him off twice and let him have his way with her backdoor many times. He even gave Roger some boob jobs from time to time to pay tribute to her glorious tits.

After the weekend, Roger and Marco equally satisfied. Heidi’s body, now covered in the liquids of their sex marathon and bruises everywhere, wasn’t that comfortable any more and Marco didn’t want to clean it himself, so he simply jumped out of her body and let her lie there unconscious on the floor. Then they just left and let her deal with herself.

As Heidi regained consciousness she was confused where she was, why there was a heavy smell of sex in the air and on top she had a weird taste in her mouth, just like nasty semen she only once tasted herself. Sitting up, she noticed that her body felt sore and her breasts, ass and asshole were hurting badly. Rubbing her eyes in disbelief she noticed some sticky substance all over her face and even in her hair. Looking at her hands, she was shocked to find that, appart from the white and sticky substance glistening on her fingers, her engagement and wedding ring were gone. In the moment she looked down, seeing that she was nearly naked, only some torn lingerie covering her body and cum stains everywhere on her skin, she instantly lost consciousness again…


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