A new beginning (New job 2)

I took a cab, which in this body was quite easy. On the way back, I inspected the purse I was given. It didn’t have much, just a girly cellphone, some cash, some keys, and an id. “Must be part of the costume” I thought. When the cab parked outside my home I realized I didn’t have my keys, “shit my backpack. All my stuff is in there.” That meant I didn’t have my cellphone either, “how am I going to call them?”. I got the girly cellphone out, but none of the numbers there looked familiar. Then I got the id out, it had my picture, well, that of the bodysuit. I looked at the address, and asked the cab driver to take me there.

When I got there, I used the keys I had found inside the purse to unlock the front door. I was eager to take the suit off, I entered the first bedroom I could find, after taking the dress off, I looked behing my ear, trying to find the button to take the suit off, but I couldn’t find it. I looked for the zipper and it was gone too. I started hyperventilating. “shit shit shit! What am I going to do!?” I said. Stress got the best of me, and I started crying. And I hated even more that I had a girly cry.

Trying to calm myself down, I reached for my equipment, “it has to be there” I thought. But no, I only had a slit, and it was wet to the touch. I inspected further, getting my index and middle finger all the way in. It was incredible, it felt real. I continued fingering myself, which did reduce my stress. I saw as my nipples got erect. “Maybe I can get used to this” I said. After I climaxed, I remembered I had taken my voice chaning necklace off, and I still sounded like a girl.

I decided not to give much thought for now. It was late, and I was tired, so I went to sleep.

to be continued


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