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Whoever I Please

Oh this is the best. Who would have thought she’d be in a bikini when I made the switch? Look at that fabric hugging her flat crotch, my flat crotch. Yep, I’m a girl. How I love being a bodyhopper and getting to be whoever I please.

Bodyhopper – Vengeance

Bobby removed his topwear and felt giddy. Breasts both looked AND felt nice! The memories and personality of his mount made acting like an adult a breeze. No one suspected anything when after he had hopped her.
Taking over other peoples bodies was so cool! Why couldn´t he have learned he could do this stuff earlier than just last week? Read more

A Deviant Accident

Matilda readjusted the wig, checked her make up was on point and got into the pose she had decided would have the maximum impact on Robert. She opened the messaging app, checked the mirror one last time to make sure the padding in the latex suit’s chest was even and then pressed the button. She looked at the picture on a phone and grinned, it was perfect, a few taps later the picture was sent to Roberts phone. While she waited for him to respond she played with her fake tits, when Robert left for work that morning she had had tiny mosquito bites for breasts now thanks to a lot of synthetic material stuffed down the front of the suit she had the same chest size as the porn stars Robert masturbated to. She gave her chest a hard squeeze but the padding was so thick she couldn’t feel a thing, something she wished she could have said about the wig, it was taking all her willpower not to throw off the damn itchy thing. She was naturally blonde but Roberts Internet history was full of dark-haired women wearing glasses, she pinched her nose, the glasses were another accessory that was annoying her. Read more

A Trainer Like No Other

Since summer is right around the corner, my services as a personal trainer are in high demand. I’ve got a 100% success rate, making me the most successful trainer–maybe ever. I have a very simple method that no other trainers could offer…I’m a bodyhopper! Read more

Fly By

Finally being Friday, Zach (16) was planning on using his new body hopping abilities he had just recently discovered to the fullest over the weekend. After being surrounded by freezing temperatures in his state, he decided the best place to possess someone would be at the beach in Florida. He had closed his eyes and started concentrating, but when he came to, he could feel two large objects on his chest. He had possessed a woman. He had wanted to possess a male body and knew he was stuck like this for two hours before he could leave this body. His mood changed when he felt the jiggle of the woman’s boobs. The next two hours would fly by in no time.

Reverse bodyhopper

There are many different ways of creating a bodyhopper one of the most common ways is for two bodyhopper possessing two people to conceive a child. Karen was created by two bodyhoppers but in an unusual way her parents weren’t possessing anyone, they created her out of love for each other. Bodyhoppers have an extreme self-hatred of their own bodies but Karen’s parents weren’t like other bodyhoppers they believed that bodyhoppers should use their abilities to punish nasty people. When they created Karen they left behind the bodyhopper community hoping to raise their daughter outside of the evil influence of the rest of their kind. What they didn’t know at the time was that when a child is born from two bodyhoppers the natural way they gift is twisted into another form. Karen didn’t know the official term for what she was but ever since she learnt of the gift she had referred to herself as a reverse bodyhopper. Her gift didn’t allow her to possess other people but for normal people to possess her, as Karen struggled against the zip ties around her wrist she cursed her gift. Read more

Hopper Log #4 Beta Testing!

Hey there, Donny the hopper here with an actual live post…or if you’re seeing this on the blog later a post-live post! Now a few of you maybe be wondering, “Hmm, why is Donnys voice male, not coming from the giggling redhead with an ass that can crush soda cans, and hips so wide you could roll cigars on them?” Well, you guys no me and I don’t like to mess around the subject. Especially when it’ no longer a secret as to why we went awol for about…a month now? So here it is, the big reveal!…after a usual product opening *ahem* Read more

Great View…

I have the ability to bodyhop. I don’t do it all the time because it takes so much energy from my spirit that I just cant do it all the time. The office that I work in has some beautiful women in it. One in particular is Carrie Ann. She’s about late 20’s, 5 ft. 8 inches and very toned body. She really is well put together. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to hop into her. I went back to my office and started the ritual of body hopping. I sat down and relaxed. I continued to concentrate on Carrie. My spirit then left my body and floated through the walls. I saw Carrie at her desk, so I slowly lowered my spirit into her body. When I opened her eyes, I had a fantastic view…her beautiful legs and her sumptuous breasts. I couldn’t be happier!!!!

Hopper shoot

“Alright *girls*, pretend like your young, dumb, and yet to be filled with cum!” Jimmy shouts from behind his cellphone as his friends mothers stood before him wearing only the most skimpiest of clothing being a pink ill fitted thong struggling to contain her hips girl while the other older womans seemed to fit her frame just right. Read more