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The pact

I had been a man for 80 years. And my loving wife had been by my side for the better part of that time. Long time ago we had made a pact, we were to use a spell to possess new bodies the moment we both hit 80 years old. We looked for a young couple to possess. “How about them?” I asked my wife while we were sitting on a park bench. “No. They don’t look happy” she said. “Them?” I asked while pointing at a different couple. “Better but no” she said. Read more

Double spell

When I got Audrey’s picture I realized the spell had worked. Just 10 minutes ago, me and my friend Andrew had casted a spell we bought online. It was supposed to have the caster possess the body of any person in the world. “Ok, if it works, you must send me some evidence” I told Andrew. He casted the spell, and I saw him fade away. Read more

Where she now is

I didn’t understand. After all, All I wanted was to find out where my highschool sweetheart was. “Why am I looking at this naked guy” I asked myself. Me and Audrey had broken up right after we finish highschool. We kept in touch for acouple of months. But eventually we lost contact. Read more

Fisherman Reborn

Eugene had been a fisherman for fifty years, like his father before him and his grandfather too. His grandfather always claimed it all went all way back to his ancestor in ancient Greece, who seduced an ocean nymph and was blessed with good fortune at sea. Of course, Eugene never believed that. Read more

Younger Sister

It was exactly 3 months ago, when for no reason at all, I woke up in Emily, my younger sister’s body. It was scary at first, specially since my formerself acted like nothing had happened. I pretended to be her while I figured out what had happened, It was weird being 18 and going to college again. I hated how guys kept looking at me. My sister is good looking at all, but I never expected to have so many guys oogling me. Read more

Beach Body Surfing

Zack was kayaking towards one of the Micronesian islands when he got a storm came in quickly and hit him hard. He lost consciousness and was pulled deep into the ocean. Under the dark seas, he glimpsed upon a green glow which was heading towards him before he lost consciousness. Zack woke up later surprised thinking he had gone to heaven. He realized that he was in the ocean, but he didn’t need to breathe. Zack could feel that he was a liquified version of himself. He could form different shapes with a thought using his body. Zack moved through the ocean quickly before arriving at the coast of the beach he had left from. There he spotted a blonde buxom babe wearing the skimpiest red bikini he had ever seen. She was about to get into the water. Thoughts of lust engulfed Zack as he proceeded closer to her. When he arrived next to her, Zack dragged her down deeper into the ocean. He split himself into two and solidified his shaft into an 8 inch pleasure rod. Sliding her bikini to the side, he entered her folds slamming himself into her while his other body proceeded to slam his shaft into her mouth while he fondled her firm chest. Just as he climaxed, he felt himself shooting into her taking up her body. When he was done, he realized that he was now her. All of her memories were his and he knew everything about her. He was the new Samantha, and she was horny.

Mommy’s girl

Lucca grabbed her clothes after sending Leon off. She lived in her apartment with her mom and Zack knew from Lucca’s memories that her mom would be back with her boyfriend soon. When they reached home, they went into her mom’s room. Her mom, Mandy, came into Lucca’s room to inform her that he’ll be staying over tonight. Lucca shook her head understanding what was going to happen. As her mom turned her head around, Zack grabbed Mandy from the back and forced some liquid down her throat. Mandy slumped to the floor unconscious. Zack had used his liquid form to put Mandy to sleep for a few hours. Zack than transformed Lucca’s face into the very likeness of her mom. Zack now had the body of a very fit and sexy Lucca and the face of her mom. Zack undressed Mandy and wore her work clothes which were very tight in her chest area from having Lucca’s firm double D’s. Zack walked into Mandy’s room to a waiting Jack in his boxers. Jack not noticing anything amiss was awed by Mandy coming onto him. They started frisking each other before removing most of their clothes. Zack was left in stockings and his exposed chest which was fondled by Jack. He was taken from the back by Jack and loved every second of it. After Jack came, Zack positioned himself over Jack’s mouth and forced Jack to eat him out. As Jack was doing so, Zack liquified and split himself sending the pother half into Jack. When he had taken mover Jack, he had a split vision of himself banging himself. He felt every passionate slam of his new dick into his body. Before he came, he retracted all of himself from Lucca and took over Jack. Lucca’s changes were reverted to her original flat chested self. Zack walked Jacks naked body into Lucca’s room to start having his way with Mandy. He started rubbing her clit to wake her up, eating her out before finally having his was with her pounding Mandy into throes of pleasure.

What my last thought of the day mandates

Although I didn’t think so at first, this has been quite an outstanding year. It all started when my sister Emily asked my parents if she could go on a trip with her boyfriend. “No!” they said, they didn’t want Tom to take advantage of her. Emily cried and locked herself on her room. Later that night, as I went to bed I fell asleep while thinking about that. Read more

Wonderland in Alice

Alice stepped out from behind a tree, and saw the March Hare, the Hatter and a very sleepy dormouse sitting at a long table, set for a large amount of people, having tea. She approached cautiously she had already met a disappearing Cat and a smoking caterpillar, the scene already looked strange but from what she had learned of this world things could always get stranger. The hatter spotted her, a broad grin appearing on his face “sit, sit, we’ve heard so much about you and been waiting so long”. Alice looked about, the table cloth had clearly seen better days and on the forest floor there was a great deal of broken chinaware. She sat in the chair with the least amount of food stains, the Hatter threw a piece of bread at the March Hare “well go on, serve our guest”. The March Hare jumped into action, he chucked the tea out of the teapot and quickly went about making a fresh batch. Read more

Company at the beach

Marion basked in the warm rays of light from the sun while letting the coolness of the sea hit her body on the beach.
She appreciated how the different temperatures worked her body. It was easy just to concentrate on those feelings and ignore the rest of the world around her, only taking in the sound of the ocean and the enviroment around her.
It was so serene and peaceful that she began to doze off a little bit. Read more