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To have and to hold

Lawrence and Sarah married for selfish reasons; him for her beauty, her for his wealth. They were good friends but neither truly loved the other, and both missed the chaos and excitement of single life. In most circumstances this would mean divorce, but Sarah had heard of an exciting new form of couples counseling that used state-of-the-art technology to help spouses connect with one another. They both thought it would be worth a try. Read more

Mom’s Underwear

My parents were away for the weekend, and the only thing they had asked me to do before they left was fold the laundry when it was done. So when the dryer stopped I went downstairs to open it up, and found…
Mom’s underwear! “Great,” I thought. “Just what I wanted to do, fold Mom’s underwear…” I grumbled as I started folding the clothes. After the fifth or sixth pair I started to realize how soft they were. Much softer than my boxers, and I’m sure they were much more comfortable. I got to a noticeably modest looking pair and shrugged, why not? I took off my pants and slipped off my boxers before sliding the panties up onto my body.
I was right! They were so much softer than my own underwear! They were clearly too big for me, but the elastic still held them around my body well enough. I put my pants back on, and continued folding.
I left the panties on throughout the rest of the day, as they were much more comfortable. When it came time to go to bed, I still kept them on, but put on the rest of my own pajamas, and laid down in my bed to go to sleep. Read more

Resistance is Futile

Hi, my name is Luke and I’m 33 yrs old. I bought a house 10 years ago after college and the only way I could afford it is to have roommates. Initially my friends lived with me but over the years they moved on with their lives and moved out. I started renting to girls and for whatever reason it seemed only girls in their mid 20’s answered my roommates.com adds. I’m currently renting to Lana and looking for another roommate. Read more

Cheating unwillingly

“Do I really have to wear this? It’s really ridiculous! Like anyone will see that I wear matching lingerie under my dress”, Marco said annoyed. “I already told you Marco, that’s what she would wear too. If you don’t want to go out with me to that really expensive restaurant, then just say it already! But remember you owe me big”, Roger said pretending to be angry. Read more

Road to femininity

My journey to femininity has been extraordinarily long and tough work.
Depression, hormones, surgery, loss of family and friends to name a few.
I’ve had to relearn how to walk, how to talk, and re establish my new female life.
But, bugger me….one thing I can’t master is how to get this lingerie on and off!