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Teached a Lesson

I always filmed it when I fucked the girls i hooked up with in the local bar. Of course I had my own channel at a multinational porn website and made good money with uploading the videos. Of course I made sure, that my face wasn’t visible just in case and no girl knew of course, or so I thought… Read more

Underground Body Market 3

“You goddamn idiot! He told you to be especially aware that you need to part your plush lips from time to time to suck some cock if you want to keep her job. But no! You simply had to refuse your boss 3 times in a row after you sucked him off one time instead of going with it. Your body doesn’t even have a gag reflex Max, no need to be scared about! And after you lost your job, you simply couldn’t get a suitible job for a body like yours, like being a high class escort, no, you simply rushed to the next idiotic pimp, which started to abuse you and didn’t pay you enough to keep your standarts. And if that wasn’t enough you had to rob money from him and now he is after you for revenge!”, you hissed at Max furiously, as you two were walking towards the underground body market. Read more

Babysitting turnabout

Jody was stunned and unable to speak. She was sitting on a sofa, in a weak 12 year old male body and couldn’t move a muscle, while watching her old body playing with her boobs.
Richy on the other hand was more than happy. After ripping of the top his babysitter had been wearing, he leaned forward and began to fondle the soft breasts with an mischievous smile on his now full lips, as he released his hands to let them dangling on his chest to taunt her. Read more

Sudden girlfriend

“U sure that u don’t want to come to the lake a little bit earlier this time, I’m waiting, just for you ;)”, was the text that Martin received from his best buddy via WhatsApp.
When he finished downloading the attached video, wondering what could be so urgent to be at the beach so early this week, he pressed play.
Martin’s eyes nearly popped out of his head and he couldn’t think clearly anymore. There he sat, watching a video send from his best friends phone, starring at the screen as the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, casually walking down the shore of their favorite lake in nearly nothing but a little black & red bikini. He couldn’t take his eyes of the screen, watching the video again and again, as the beauty strolled down the beach sexily, smiling at him as she did so.
She was perfection, everything that he ever wanted. If Martin would have described his dream woman, that would be her and even better. Long brown hair flowing down her back, flawless skin, kind round face with a lovely smile, big bouncy boobs, sexy firm and pierced tummy and with just the right amount of fat on her.
“Hello? Are you still there, or did you faint because of my new body, I call home?”, Ron asked provokingly.
Martin still sat there, dumbfounded, unable to write anything.
“You see, I always had a crush on you, but of course we couldn’t be together as you are straighter than straight. But as you see, I found a simple solution. I just used a little magic phrase out of my grandmas spell book. If you didn’t get it yet, I wished to be the perfect girlfriend for you. I want to be together with you. I love you Martin!”
As Martin comprehended what was happening, he answered Ron, now going with Rosanna: “I’ll be there in five minutes!”
For both, a dream came true.

Hoppers in the woods 3

“Excuse me miss, did you see my mate somewhere? He is pretty tall, muscular, with short blonde hair”, you ask a women after you come back out of the woods after relieving yourself.
“No sorry, I didn’t see anyone that fits your description”, she replies to you. “But maybe he is closer than you think, but now with strong but curvy legs, a lovely bubble butt, long brown hair and clothes that emphasize his new booty?”, she adds with a grin on her face as she turns her backside towards you to present her delicious figure.
“Oh my god! Where did you find that body in that short amount of time while I was away?”, you ask him astonished.
“Oh you know”, he begins flirtingly while playing with his new hair, “you never know who will come by, so I lied there in ambush, as this young freshly engaged pair came wandering towards me. I then simply sneaked up behind them, knocked her fiance out, clinged onto her and then slowly hopped her to feel her panicing”, he laughs. “I love it when I can feel their adrenaline pumping trough their veins after hopping them”, he exlaims, while sliding his dainty hands down his curves. “Good choice partner, but how do you know they are engaged, you don’t know how to read minds yet, do you?”
“No, I simply concluded that by looking at the ring on her finger sherlock. But I don’t mind about that, we will have our fun with her and then he can have her back in one piece soon”, Lance decides.
“Now come over here lover boy, I want you to make my new body scream out in pleasure. But don’t put it in the wrong whole yet, I first want to be able to walk a few miles in her comfy shoes before ditching her sore body”, he winks at you before pulling down his leggings and bending down to present his already moist vagina.

Streaming done right

‘See, it’s not that hard to gain viewers when you work with the assets god gave you’, Liam thought to himself, currently inside Mei’s body. Read more

Hoppers in the woods 1

“And, what do you think of her? It feels quite comfy in here to be honest”, Lance told you with the voice of the girl he just hopped. “I think she looks really hot, let me see her body”, you request, still mesmerized by the fact, that your best friend was a body hopper…. too. Read more

Fatty revenge

‘Hmm what should I begin with?’, Trevor asked himself as he stood on tiptoes in front of the fridge. Read more

Hoppers in the woods 2

In the moment you spotted her step out of the woods, you knew what you had to do before she would start to scream. You took advantage of her being in a perplexed state, as you pulled out your penis from Miranda’s body, and ran towards your target.
You quickly gripped her tight and hopped right in. She struggled and tried to escape, but it was already too late. As you gained her senses, you felt heavy wavy long hair brush over your shoulders, weight on your chest restricted by a bra around your torso, the weight of earrings dangling from your now pierced ears, the wideness of your hips and your new curves wrapped inside tight clothes.
“Mmmhhhhhhhmmmmmm……she’s a kinky one too, I can tell. I can read from her memories that these two are lovers ‘Miranda’, hehe. She even put on a matching bra and a g-string because she planned to have sexy time here in the woods. I can feel it riding up my butt cheeks, very arrousing”, you say as you began to fondle your new assets with dainty fingers. Thats when you notice her long manicured nails. ‘Wow, I need to be carefull with them’, you think as you continue groping and pinching your breasts with them, sending shivers down your spine.
“This bitch is called Susan by the way, so just call me Susan as long as I’m in her”, you let Lance know. “Okay Susan, then of course I’m Miranda, as long I’m in her body”, Lance assured you with a smile. Read more

Morningly body theft

“Does it look like im still a man?” Matt asked rhetorically, as he grabbed the big boobs on his new chest to shake them fouriously while leaning towards the camera of his new laptop. Read more