Putting the Total Swap App on His Phone (Part 1)

After his experience using the Total Swap App on his Son’s phone John opted to install it on his own phone. His son explained to him the basic way it worked, take a picture and upload it to the service, after that you could select it and transform into the subject of the photo. You could save your favorites as presets and there was even a random button to get a total random person from another users upload. And for those wondering the Police have special devices that can dissolve a Swap in the case of a crime being committed.

John didn’t use the app for a few days but then opted to break it in one night while his wife was out with her friends. That day at work he snapped a picture of Claire, the attractive flirty intern from his job. It took a moment for the upload to go through but soon John was looking at himself in Claire’s curvy body. He reached out and touched her big breasts, wide hips and cute butt. Claire was a sexy thing, and she was only the first in a long line of bodies John was expecting to try out.


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