Beer Swap

I looked at the clock. The time was almost eight in the evening. The party should have started a time ago, which meant I could put the rest of my plan in motion.

My big brother is a succesful ladies man and I envy him of it. He keeps telling me that when I grow up that I will look like him and I will get laid too.
But I want it now!

After stumbling upon a small shop in the mall where a wizard told me he could help me out with my problems I finally had a solution to my problems.
The wizard sold me a bodyswap potion and with it I could swap into my brothers body and find a hot babe too. It had one limitation though. Both of us must drink a sip of it within a couple of minutes with each other.

Knowing that he liked to bring his own beer to parties I figured I could prepare one of his cans with the potion. It was tricky to drill a hole in it, add a couple of drops in it and then seal it off again.

I moved the cup with my own potion to my lips and took a sip. The room began immediately to spin and I blacked out.


“Babe? Didn´t you like it? You look so distant”, I heard a voice say.
My vision was blurry and blonde hair was obstructing my view. I blinked a couple of times to clear my eyes.

It felt strangely chilly all over my body. Chilly because I exposed a lot of skin, strange because I felt sensations I´ve never felt before in my life.
On my chest two orbs of flesh was protruding outwards, they were the two main culprits of the strange feeling.
In my hand I was holding the beer that I recognized as the one I had added the body swap potion to.
Long hair tickled my back and shoulders. I felt how a skirt kept my now bigger ass in place, and at the same time restricting the movements of my thighs.
“Babe?” Crap! I recognozed that voice! It was my brother!
“Um, yeah?”
“Do you feel okay.? Did I give you bad bad beer?”, he asked in concern.
“I-I´m fine. Just a little bit woozy. I just need to find a place to sit down”, I told him.
Who was I?

I went to the bathroom and took a look into my purse. Apparently my brother Mark was dating a girl named Isabell, who was me now. Crap! I cannot let him know I tried to steal his body. So I decided to keep up the charade.

Thanks to the earlier episode with me feeling rotten I managed to get away from the party earlier. My brother gave me a ride to Isabells apartment. I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek (Yech!) and went into her apartment.
Figuring Isabell should be in my old body I called back home.
No answer.
I tried over and over again until someone picked up.
“Hello?”, I heard Mark say from the other side of the line.
I gulped. “Um. I just called to say that I feel better now”.
“I`m glad to hear that, but can we speak more tomorrow? My brother is acting strange”
“Sure. Yeah. See you tomorrow”. I bit my lip. Was my secret out?

My, or rather Isabells, phone rang and I answered. It was Mark.
“Hey babe. I´ll be gone for the weekend. We need to put my brother on the psychiatric ward”.
I felt my blood turn into ice. “How come?”, I asked gingerly, terrified of the answer.
“He´s acting like a dog and we can´t get him to snap out of it. We suspect he drank something illegal”.
“Something illegal?”. Oh no. They have found the potion.
“Yeah. He had this bottle with some nasty green stuff in it. We poured out all of it into the sink”
“You did what?!”, I almost screamed at him.
“Calm down babe. We´ll talk about this later. I´ll call you when I know more. Love ya”
A dog? Why did Isabell act like a dog?
Then it dawned on me. Mark had taken the beer can out of my hand and put it on the table. The owner of the apartment had a labrador running around and it must have managed to turn over the can and drink from the beer at the same time Isabell did the same from my own body.
My heart sank. I was in Isabells body, the dog was in mine, Isabell was in the dogs and the potion was gone.

I was stuck as my brothers girlfriend.


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