Clarissa Explains It All

Terrence and Phillip made fun of Clarissa and Mandy for their “booty jams”, saying they like rock and metal way better, and that their music was girly and soft. Clarissa was tired of the male chauvinism, and retaliated by making a wish.

“I wish these guys would pay for those remarks, permanently pay,” she said aloud.

A magical seahorse popped her head from the waters, and granted the wish, being sympathetic towards females, human females included. Suddenly the two guys were guys no more, as they both stared back at their large posteriors in shock and awe.

Clarissa and Mandy were shocked at what they had just witnessed, but witness it they did, confirming it with each other, and judging from the former men’s reactions, they must have been changed, their bodies anyway.

Clarissa said, “Well, GALS, looks like you have the booties now for our ‘booty jams’, now let’s see you two shake those butts to our girly and soft music, since you two I must say are very girly and soft looking from my view.”

They both rubbed their new butts and screamed, only to realize they now sounded like two chicks screaming at a boy band concert. Clarissa and Mandy just laughed, not knowing how or why this occurred, but loving every second of it.

“Welcome to our world, girls, serves you right for being such chauvinist assholes, you two bitches, oh yea payback is a bitch and so are you two it seems,” said Clarissa rubbing it all in.


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