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Where she now is

I didn’t understand. After all, All I wanted was to find out where my highschool sweetheart was. “Why am I looking at this naked guy” I asked myself. Me and Audrey had broken up right after we finish highschool. We kept in touch for acouple of months. But eventually we lost contact. Read more

Younger Sister

It was exactly 3 months ago, when for no reason at all, I woke up in Emily, my younger sister’s body. It was scary at first, specially since my formerself acted like nothing had happened. I pretended to be her while I figured out what had happened, It was weird being 18 and going to college again. I hated how guys kept looking at me. My sister is good looking at all, but I never expected to have so many guys oogling me. Read more

Guinea Pig

I might be a newlywed. And you might believe I am the most sexy and loving wife you have ever seen. And you will be right. But I wasn’t always like that. In fact, I was 16 years old and still in highschool when it happened. Read more

I wish my life got better every day

I have gotten used to the changes. Why wouldn’t I? I mean, the first time was scary and confusing, the second time was annoying, but by the third time it happened, I was having the time of my life. Read more

Beer Swap

I looked at the clock. The time was almost eight in the evening. The party should have started a time ago, which meant I could put the rest of my plan in motion. Read more

The amulet of habere

I had spent months looking everywhere for it. And after a long and difficult search I finally found it at a store accross the globe. The possession amulet of Habere. It’s use was simple, wear it, turn it and say outloud the name of the person you want to possess. Each turn was supposed to be equivalent to six hours. Read more

Playing Tag

I felt confused and disoriented. My body felt bloated and all wrong.
A woman had rounded the corner and when seeing me she gave me this impish smile. Not many women smile at me so I smiled back of course.
She had moved hurriedly up to me and slapped my arm. “Tag! You´re it!”, she exclaimed.
Then I became dizzy. Read more

Medallion of Zulo – Sister

Zack dumped his bike on the driveway to Adam´s house and ran up the path leading to his door. He knocked fervently on the big wooden door until Adam opened up and dragged him in. Read more

Blue Orb

I can’t believe I’m about to do this. A few months ago I was a grown-up man, happily married… Now I’m a teenage girl about to have sex with her new boyfriend. Read more