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Beer Swap

I looked at the clock. The time was almost eight in the evening. The party should have started a time ago, which meant I could put the rest of my plan in motion. Read more

Beer and the Guys

Ted bumped into an old lady at the market, and didn’t apologize, saying he was in a hurry for beer and the guys. The old lady made a remark… and a spell. Read more

TG Bar

Welcome to the TG bar. What can I get for you this evening?
A boobs beer
Ass Alcohol
Womanly Wine
Mature Martini
A light-headed beer
A Non-Alcoholic Drink for those a bit younger (Teen)
The choice is yours. However, I must let you know that the drinks can cause certain transformations. But don’t worry. I had a boobs beer and look at me now. I’m beautiful and they even gave me a job. Believe me this is the best bar in town. Read more

A body susceptible to wishes

“Stop it! you play videogames all day! sometimes I feel you are such a child” my girlfriend said. “And you spend all your time on the web! what is the difference?” I yelled back at her. “Sometimes I wish you’d understand me better, I wish you were more like me. Even if that meant you were a woman” she said. At that exact moment, I felt weird, my hair started to grow longer, my body reshaped into the one of a 22 year old woman. We were both amazed at what just happened. We forgot all about our fight. After talking about what might happened, and coming to no possible explanation; we decided to go to bed, and experiment a little. Her fingers inside my new pussy felt great, but nowhere near as good as her tongue. I came so many times. Read more

Something in the beer

We were at a party, the owner of the house was rich as hell. He told us, “We will play a game. There 24 rooms in this mansion. In one of those rooms there is a girl craving for sex, she is hidding from us. Don’t worry, she is up for it, she 21 year’s old, she want’s to lose her virginity more than anything, and she is hot. When I say go, the game will begin, whoever finds the girl, will have to yell <found her> and lock the door of the room. From there, what you do with her is up to you and the girl.” Read more

Beer curse

Ever heard of Ranma ½?
Me neither if you had asked me a couple of months ago. Ranma½ is an anime that revolves around a guy that turns into a girl if he get cold water on him. My situation is roughly the same but with beer instead. Warm or cold, beer transforms me into a chick. Read more