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Beer Swap

I looked at the clock. The time was almost eight in the evening. The party should have started a time ago, which meant I could put the rest of my plan in motion. Read more

Medallion of Zulo – Sister

Zack dumped his bike on the driveway to Adam´s house and ran up the path leading to his door. He knocked fervently on the big wooden door until Adam opened up and dragged him in. Read more

Magic duel

You are so cute Julian. You really though you can challenge me in a magic duel and actually win? That’s cute, really. But not as cute as you are now. What do you feel now, being a fox girl in heat and beeing fucked by your own cock moving magically by itself? Nothing over than moans? Okay, it’s clear your mind is too ccupied dealing with the urges of your new body and there is no need to talk to you anymore. So i will let you enjoy this while you have still magic power in you for me to transfer. And then you will climax. And don’t worry, you will not stay as a fox girl. It could be strange for everyone to see that. No, you will become just an ordinary girl … or female fox. I don’t no. Magic could be so unepredictable these days. But we will be fixed soon. In any case, you will have no magic left in you to ever practice again or regain your former self. That’s the price of wanting to challenge me. Oh It seem you haven’t any magic left. Yes Julian enjoy your first female orgasm it wont be the last, and thanks for the magic power. Read more

The witch revenge

“Sorry Julian, i had to do this if i want a human life again. You will have to get use to be a female cat from now on” Said the young girl to her cat. But a few hours earlier, this girl was a man nammed Julian who had pick up a cat in the street. He doesn’t know this cat used to be a witch who have been punished by her pairs. It’s been a year she had gathered enough magic energy to find an escape to her cat life. When she had enough of it she swapped bodies with Julian. It was stange for him to have his body stolen and suddenly be a female cat. He watch helplessly as the witch altered his old body to make her more like her former self with slender teen body, long borwn hair with green end and perky breasts. He meowed in disbelief seeing the witch very satisfied with her handywork.
“It’s much better, i haven’t enough energy to take my revenge now but, in a few months, it will be an other story. Meanwhile, i will enjoy my new life as… what was your name again? Ah yes, Julian… so … why not Julie. With that, my traitors of sisters will never found me before i take them down.”
Julian couldn’t believe what had happen to him. He have to do something, but he was helpless in that cat body. He already felt he was in heat, and smell all the pheromone the male cats outside. He looked in anger at the witch who have stolen his life with intensity.
“There is no need to look at me like that, Julian. Or should i say Kitty? I’m sure you will be very happy as a cat, no mor human worries and i’m sur you will like being fucked by other cat. What that glowing, oh no! don’t tell me….” Read more

Playing with demon

– Haha! At last! I have flesh again, and i’m free to unleash my vangeance to those who untrap me into this necklace.
– No please! give me back my body!
– No can do young one, you have been warn about playing with demonic stuff and you tried to summon me anyway. So endure your punishment for thinking you could make me do you bidding. Now, this body cannot contain two souls, especialy when i’m one of those so where can i put yours. Oh! I know. You really should get rid off the pest in your appartment. Read more

Cuddle the cat

When I look back, the fact that my experiment failed is not such a bad thing.
Of course, it blew up half of my house, but my cat Cuddle and I survived. We were both altered by the experience but at least we were alive!
Sure, I wasn’t happy about becoming a woman, but I became younger in the process, which was a quite good thing I would say.
And, at first, I thought that the fact that my cat had become a woman just like me would be an issue, but now I realise that it has some advantages…

Make you her bitch

As he was fucked doggy style, Julian regretted to have proposed to date the sister of this man. He had a crush on Hitomi. When he proposed to have a date she shyly accepted and they planed to see eachover the evening. But Hitomi’s brother have witnessed their talk. He was really prottecting with his sister, especially when a gaijin invited her for dinner. He knows the stranger often take advantage of the japanese girl for fun. After she leave, he come to Julian and use a spell to subdue him. He ordered him to follow him in his appartment, and Julian do it without a complain.
– So you want my sister? To make her your bitch, like all the stranger in my country?
Julian wanted to say no. To tell him he loved her and don’t wanted to do anything wrong to her. But due to the spell, he can’t say a thing.
– You know what, i will make you my bitch first.
With a snap of finger, Julian was naked. And with another snap, his line of vision go down and a quick look down made him realised he wasn’t a man anymore. In fact where a caucasian male was standing a seconds ago, was now a cute asian girl. The brother put a collar around Julian neck and made her on all four on the floor. She waited until he was naked too and began to fuck her from behind. All Julian could do was moaning in a mixture of fear and pleasure. When h came in her, he realeased her of his spell . She fall on the floor panting, still chocked by what happen to her.
– Now i have made you my bitch, you will become hers now.
Julian can’t say anything before she felt her body reformed again. Her cute body growing fur and her angel face pushing into a muzzle.
Later, Hitomi waited Julian. He was late and she began to despair. Her borther arrived to her and she was amazed by the cute shiba inu he have on leash. He tell her he have crossed Julian and tell her, he have no intention to come to her date. In comfort, he offered the female dog with a red collar, with her name “yuki”. Hitomi was glad to have such a sweet brother and hug him before leaving with her dog. Even if it was not in the way he wanted, Julian had his date with Hitomi but he was more interessted in the smell of other dog than her now.

The Bitch Is A Witch

I’m sorry this happened to us,honey. I knew you were really angry with her. I was just taking your side when I called her a bitch. You have to admit it was really creepy the way she glared at us when she said “Not bitch, witch! Let me show you two the difference!”. Who would have thought she would change you into a real four legged bitch and me into an apprentice witch. She did say as soon as I learned enough magic, I could change us back into husband and wife. She says, if I study hard, it shouldn’t take more than 10 years or so. There she is now. I have to go for my first lesson. You be a good girl while I’m gone honey.

Hitting the bar

All began one night, when i decide to hit the bar and try to meet some girls. I was there for an hour and half, waiting some friends to arrive and pretty despair to not see any intersting girl. Suddenly a man come to me.
– What a cute girl.
I look behind me but see no girl
– That’s you i’m talking about. You are really a cute girl
– Hum, man, i think you need glasses… now if you escuse me, i’m not into guy.
– Me neither…
And with that, he kissed me. I was so surprised i cannot do anything. And when i try to back off, i wasn’t able to do it. He break the kiss and i still cannot move.
– Sit down, he said and i immediatly do it. Now let me explain, you are in my control for a few hours. So first we will go to my home and i will give you the form you always meant to have.
I wanted to go but i couldn’t. On the outside i was calm but inside iwas in panic. Then he move to the exit and i automatically followed him. His appartment was near the bar and we reach it quickly. Arrived, he told me to go in front of a big mirror. I was standing still as he began to undress me.
– I can see the people how they really meant be. And when i see a cute girl like you, i have to correct the nature mistake. I have to let you bloom.
– i’m…not…a…g…, was all i could manage to say.
– Shhhh, it will be over soon.
He began to caress my naked body and, by seeing me in the mirror, i have the feeling i was slimmer than before. And i also coul see my hair slowly becoming longer.
– Go to the bed and wait for me.
I do as he said and place me on all four. An other mirror was on the head of the bed and i could see me changing slowly. He quickly join me, now naked.
– Now i will fuck your ass. But just until you loose this dick of yours. After that, i promess you, you will thank me.
I couldn’t scream when he penetrated me but i managed to down my head to not see waht’s happening to me. I loose track of time as he moved to me. Then he take my head and force me to watch. And what i saw stunne me, i was now a cute petite brunette, moaning.
– Now that you are complete, i will properly honnor you.
He flip me on the back and i feel him enter my new pussy. I moaned loudly and realised that’s was actualy me who done that. I was slowly regaining my abilty to move. The fear becoming more and more pleasure, i stop to fight it and let it flow.
The next morning, i was in control of my body, but not really my body. It was not a dream, he really turn me into a woman, and not just the outside. I realised i remembered all my life as a girl now even if i have the memory i was a man before. But i have the feeling i will be the only one to know Julian, the man i used to be. The man join me and hold my now petite form. He invited me to stay a bit and i accepted. I was his girl for a while, making love to him, accepted my fate and began to enjoy this life. One day, i decide to leave and he let me go, his work was done, he said.
I continued my life as a girl from now on, i even started dating my old best friend. One day i crossed the way of the man again when i was with a girl friend who just break up. As she went to restroom, he come to me and say.
– You know, your friend could be really better as a dog.
I just smile to him as he go the restroom. I saw him kissed her and bring her out of the bar. The next day, i found a dog on my doormate with “Brittany” on her collar.